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Julie Eclair’s PhotoList Update!

Hello friends and fans of JKU,

Yes, this is the new Update of the Photolist, that I know you have been waiting for. For those new to JKU, Julie Eclair is our ‘silent partner’. She does all our A/V or multimedia work for us, and makes the 2 Lists, the Photolist, and the Videolist. She works hard on those Lists to make them the best on the Web, just as we do. She works independently of us, but follows our same format in her Lists, and tries to make them look just like ours, just like the JKU.

As with all our Lists, just pick the Category that you are interesed in, and then start reading the URLs and comments (annotations). Just click on the link (ctrl-click in Word) to go to the website. Each category is comprised of the URLs that are a complete, brief, and balanced survey of that Category, on the Web.

All JKU are updated often.  So…  you can also find the most recent version of this List here .


Hello there. This is the, of course, most recent (April, 2013) version of the Photolist. Enjoy.


Julie Éclair’s Photolist

Note: Guaranteed Smut-free for your protection.


I. Fine Art Nudes.

II. Fashion.

III. Celebrities.

IV. Tools.

V. Other Photography.



All other Art and Photography on other Lists.


A collection of sites hand-picked as representative samples of what’s available in each category.

The photography sites in the categories offered come in two types: Scanners and Collectors. These remarks apply more especially to the Fashion and Celebrity categories, than to the FAN (Fine Art Nudes). Scanners scan the images into the computers and websites; Collectors gather what the Scanners have scanned, into their own websites. Some are both, and some sites will state when they have done their own Scanning. In the old days, scanners would post to IRC using CSV format, and images would be collected via chat-room. Today, very few old-style Scanners and Collectors are still working; instead, it is Blog-sites today.  Some Collectors gather from other Collectors as well; and some use bots to collect automatically for them. HQ stands for “High Quality”, and for images, means that they are Hi-Res, clear, and (hopefully) free from any obvious marks including logos. For sites, HQ means that they are laid out clearly and simply. Others are as stated. Some of the FAN and Celebrity may contain sexuality, as apart and distinct altogether from porn and smut. Those are addressed below. Underscored URLs link directly from Word. Document (this edition) is Microsoft Word but may be used in Wordpad or Open Office.  “SK” denotes use of “SexKey” for nude or partly nude section (i.e., verifies age). Many in the “nude” areas are merely swimsuits or paparazzi photos. DL means “Dead Link” and is usually followed by the date discovered broken.

Viewer Discretion is Advised.

I. Fine Art Nudes   }click ‘enter’ to use site. May be DL (2/11).  Replacement 2012:    }clean, easy to use, photos by Bjorn Oldsen.   }max master nudes. May be DL (2/11). Replacement 2012:   }the ArtBoom site of Andreas Bitesnich, with FAN, painting cinema and more.   }his collections of FAN photographs, recommended. HQ site, fun to use.   }includes Andrea galleries.   }David Hamilton galleries.   }art directory and links page.   }their front-page.    }Not all are nude, but a good site. Clean. }links and galleries, and menu: all natural.   }gateway to other sites. Warning: site contents may change after being listed on this list. Ms. Éclair is not responsible for unanticipated changes in the contents of any of these sites.   }aka gODDESS; a tasteful pay-site. Update 1/2012: Warning: may redirect to, use caution when visiting site.   }up-to-date linklists categorized.   }another new, excellent FAN site. Small images, one enlargement to medium-large. HQ.   }FAN photos here. HQ photos but small, good and current linklist on front page.   }site features a variety of FAN, mostly b & w, mostly HQ. Note, however, that some of the images or links on this page are “adult oriented”; viewer discretion is advised.   }has Sturges’ videos, photos, and other info.   }the browser tries to block this website. Sturges images, very large, HQ,    }Hamilton images, large, HQ.   }Hamilton images, large, HQ.   }Hamilton images, large, HQ.   }Hamilton images, large, HQ.   }full HQ images of the Pirelli calendar 2005-2006. ??   }full HQ images of Herb Ritts of various Celebs, Models, Musicians, etc.   }selection of Balthus’ images similar to one’s own.   }selection of Wyeth’s images similar to one’s own.   }Sally Mann photos that improve one’s own.   }a newer site with large, HQ images, FAN. Good site, images are somewhat noisy. Recommended.    }a new FAN site, also has fine photography. Recommended. HQ photos, mostly, many with a larger size available.    }recommended: click Fashionable or Ultra Life. There are some nice galleries there, all HQ.  Site has improved much this year; nice links under “co/operation”.   DL (2/11).   }newer HQ FAN site. Here is:   }one sample page from there.  }altered FAN photos from SoCal.    }HQ FAN site, large images, tasteful. Also has fashion and landscape, etc. photos. Links to other art photographers.    }scroll down to Jock Sturges pictures on the web.        }the fine art nude network, gateway to other FAN sites.   }their link list.  }a sample gallery that I enjoyed.      }nudes, not a blog (ignore name). Site had good list of links but not all links are suitable.  Scroll down below the “recommended” links: most of these are, e.g., commercial and not recommended. I recommend the links that start at “Art Blogs”, about halfway down the page. Clean site, nice appearance.  }10 pages of photographers; HQ links.  }another HQ links & galleries (samples).  }many older links, MET free galleries, much more.  }has free and commercial nude, & celebrities.  }avant-garde; some sexual content. Scroll down immediately to “Photography”. One or more Plusses (+) next to name means more than one site for that photographer. Under Photography links is word “More”, click to see more pages of photographers. Many of these are FAN but some are “Caveat Emptor”.  If Word says that it can’t open the page, just copy and paste the URL into your browser’s address bar.    }various. DL 8/2011.      }the last day of summer; gallery.,412.html   }has all his books, etc.    }good linklist, HQ galleries (2010).   }site has samples from each photographer’s or site’s work. Click on the link or photo, and it takes you to the gallery for it. HQ, smallish images. Clean, well-made site.  }a somewhat new page of FANs, including fashion models and celebs.   }redirects to MPL studios. Has related linklist at page bottom.   }Famous Vellum Art/Fashion scans. Big images. HQ and artistic. Sorry about the tiny thumbnails.   }more Vellum scans.   }Goes to last Vellum page; scroll down and click “Back to Vision Delight” to go there. View “Fresh” or “Archive” there. Many of these are older images. Site also called “A Vision of Delight”; see below.   }David Hamilton and other photographers.  }excellent links and galleries of other sites, mostly commercial.    }very HQ work. Enjoy. DL (12/10).    }excellent, tasteful links. DL (12/10).  }FAN and photos; possible sexual content; asks for registration for enlargements. Links. HQ.  DL (2/11).      }excellent collection of nature and environmental FAN.  }good b&w FAN site.      }nature photos.   }this page is featured for its long and interesting links lists, both left and right sides of the page. Use caution when viewing, though, since this page may have erotic photos on it.   }collection of a variety of FAN, mostly color. Use caution, some images may be erotic. Also watch our for redirects.    }gateway to FAN sites, plus they have their own galleries. Here is   }their complete linklist, one of the best.      }new FAN site, b&w, many photos, all HQ. Warning: some of these nudes may be erotic in nature.  }another FAN site w/ a/v; nice work. DL (12/10).    }one man’s private collection, but it has several old, very hard to find galleries of images from, e.g., proteus scans (celebs, etc.), etc.  }links page, novel design. Tiny thumbnails somewhat difficult to see. Some links go to front pages; check for link to actual site. Some are amateur, odd, or indie sites.   }another new, excellent FAN site. HQ images, medium sizes, one enlargement to large.      }good new FAN site. See many links on right-hand side of page. Sturges already harvested. 12/8/10 Great site, has Balthus-like etc.   }lists 44 related sites.   }assortment of naturist photos and images, mixed b&w, FAN mixed w/others. Most HQ, and novel links.

II. Fashion plus scanners/collectors. Don’t forget their links-pages. For some sites, usage tips are shown, that are typical of all site.   }another good fashion site and linksite, somewhat more sensual.    }good linklist on this blogsite. Featured photo is of Vodianova.    }alphabetical list of links leading to galleries. Some images HQ, some large to very large. Mix of fashion models, celebs, and other models… as one often finds on these sites.   }fashion model forum site, some pics, some DLs. Appears to be a different site from the one below. Also has other models, some celebs.  }supermodel electronic book.   }site with HQ fashion model pics. Medium to large. Site in Russian.   }newer site that has both fashion models, and lesser quality models. Celebs also. Good selection, some images large and HQ.     }good new site, good links. (1/11)    }This site also has Fashion galleries, some new, HQ,

Flash.  DL (2/11)   }another good fashion image site, HQ and med to large images.   }another somewhat new fashion blog site w/lots of pics. HQ pics, some large, most medium. Link goes to one of their archive pages, w/rare photos of Malin Martensson. Click on site logo to go to homepage. In small type, in red, this site has an excellent fashion and photography linklist. Nice linklist.   }another new HQ fashion site. Many outdoor pics, fash models in world cities, etc. Recommended. Medium size pics.    }Finn’s place hosted.   }many links at front page, clean site.   }excellent, large and HQ images of models and some celebs; clean, easy-to-use site. Look under “friends/links” for other modern, contemporary model sites, and some links to celebs and FAN.  }professional and artistic site. Good.      }this site has older and rare images of fashion models. Images are medium size and most are HQ. I recommend this site for you collectors. Images are stored here:   }a simple image hosting site.  }link button at front page. 17 pages of them.    }primarily video-oriented.   }2000 images archived, HQ site. After selecting a model, move to “Features” at the right and click “pictures”. Below the thumbnails is “Go to page,1,…,n” where you select the page you want. Logo on pic.    }an HQ fash site. Images med to large, HQ; page is search bar and recent posts.   }nice site. This one was “down” but now is back. Click “look at the book” (i.e. the model’s book) then “men or women”. Flip through book or look at thumbnails by clicking “all the pictures”. Clean and HQ.    }Model Menagerie; links to AVision of Delight: small collection, tiny thumbs, but fun. Large and HQ.  DL 2011   }Update! Site has changed! Was a large collection of nine best models. Now is a “share your collection” site (modesty prevents us from doing so).   }one of the best; 8/08 format revised and server improved.  New site under construction (12/10). DL 2011   }”hip” Euro-site, flash a/v. Flash 9 recommended. Go to Fashion Editorials for shows w/music, then click one under Archived editorials. Warning! Google ads in list.   }This is the Internet Fashion Database, similar to IMDB but about fashion models and the business.     }scans of celebs and models; HQ, Large images.   }site has photos, videos, and interviews of Brazilian models. Recommended. Of course, it’s all in Portuguese, including the videos.   }this is a Russian site, with many pics of celebs, some HQ and large. Has older, hard to find images, and also European celebs. Recommended.    }new address for: in the raw/nebula’s nude models; good scan and link site, fash but other categories too. (12/10). Site also has vidcaps, and links to videos. Also has modern, categorized linklists on right-hand side of page.    }French; site may be down. DL (12/10). Remnants of this can still be found at   }this is the Archive’s Wayback Machine, which lets you find the remains of extinct web sites.   }photographer representing some lesser-known models. Medium size HQ pics, no enlargements, clean site.     }ad scans, no blogs(ignore name). Large image size.   }another new fashion site. HQ, large pics; lots of backstage and candids. Recommended.   }new fash site. Here is a big, impressive collection of beautiful fashion models smoking, mostly women, some men. Pics small the medium size, most HQ. Recommended.    }4000 images ads in alphabetical categories, by advertisers’ names, not models’ names.  Site is in French but can be translated. Specializes in photos from advertising campaigns, French and International. Recommended. Last updated March 2012.   or also use    }aka supermodel portal. 1/2012 Update: seems to be at this URL:   }supermodel portal.        }check out this new HQ fash site, excellent for, e.g., Brazilians, etc.  (1/11)      }site still up and current.   }a good place for models, photographers, and clients to meet each other. Tools and help for models and their agents. Site has recently been redone.   }for those in the business, helpful for new models.  A career-building site.   }various; added 12/10.  }one of the best. DL 2011. The Wayback Machine has preserved the site itself, but the images it contained are lost, alas. It was an excellent and big site.   }newer fashion blog/photo site. Highly Recommended, this one has large, HQ pics, some very large, and the site often comes out on top over other sites with the same pics. Recent work, current, clean and easy to use. Enjoy.   }clean site, very nice; has improved much this year. “Pages”, followed by numbers, are the galleries. DL 7/2011. August 2011 Update: One Thousand Models is back, at the URL shown.     }a very slow website, but with large, very HQ images.   }newer site, HQ images, med-large. Features newer and lesser-known models, recommended for this. Some images small.   }images of fashion models. This site is Chinese, but there is an alphabetical by first name list of models, scroll down to see it. Has a surprisingly large collection of HQ pics of fashion models.   }many older links, some expired.  DL 2011.   }400 b&w photos; clean site. DL 2011.    }Style channel. One of the biggest sites in the world about fashion modeling. You can find galleries, videos, and links here, and news.    }archive of 85000 runway looks.        }fashion runway review site. Features news and information, but also leads to some galleries and videos.      }extensive, tasteful collection of HQ models. Scroll to bottom for next page. Images sizes vary. Updated often. This famous Dutch site has free images, but the large to very large images require sign-in. Logo on most images.   }clean site, easy-to-use, best link-lists. First appeared July 2001, updated July 2012. Medium images, most HQ, older models and celebs. Not all pages are still current.  }use their search for “taod original scans”. “Bikini models”. DL 2011. You can find some of what this was on the Wayback Machine, but often the image files are missing, as they were with Naked Lunch (which was Fashion Models, not naked models, btw).   }here is an excellent collection of pics of Isabelli Fontana, the famous Brazilian Fashion Model, and several others. Pics HQ, most large.    }news & blog site w/some pictures, HQ. Click “People and Parties”, “Models” on pull-down menu, click model’s face to select, then “view all” for thumbnails, click to enlarge. The online version of the magazine.   }check it out: fashion trends, styles, news, and celebrities.    }a new, HQ fashion site. Many galleries, top photographers and models, images med to very large sizes, most HQ. Recommended. Site is easy on the eyes, easy to use, no loading problems.   }clean site, novel design, photographers too. Scan-site. July 2012 Update: redesigned site is now “under construction”.  }fresh pics and links. Ads appear w/pic when full-size. Scroll down for list.     }Model Menagerie, nice site, good links, some old.   }new site with HQ fashion pics. Recommended. Many magazine covers.     }another good new site. (1/11). DL 1/2012.   }very large, HQ images of supermodels and celebs. Newer gallery, Recommended.     }Tricky site to use but HQ. Helps to read German. Below headshot, “Bild 1 of 10” and arrows for pictures. For gallery/thumbnails, go to Top 100 List, find model (by browsing or using pull-down menu under “models”), and click “Weitere Bilder” (further pictures). Note scalable thumbnail sizes. Click to enlarge twice. Site specializes in Top 100 and has about 2000+ images, all HQ. Online version of the magazine.    }new model pics.   }collection of HQ b&w FAN. Recommended.  }artistic and beautiful site. Zobworld is gone now. 😦   }some models over 200 images. HQ. 4000 images total. 31may12 Update: Zothike is back now (if it was down before).     }Zothike.

Note: many sites are down. French Box is down. Jozworld is at its French address; Models Café is down. and are both down.

III. Celebrities. Note: Web contains myriad celebrity sites, but only a few are HQ enough for you. Always beware of ads, which have content independent of the website. Always beware of links, which may go to porn sites. Warning: Most free nude celeb photos are on adult sites or sites that have porn ads. (!!) Some are pay-only sites.   }has both celebrities and models, including some older photos. The  older photos are not as HQ as the newer ones are, and aren’t as large. On this site few are actually nude, most in swimsuits, etc.      }many ads. HQ, many recent photos, midsize. News. Also here is   }their photo page. They have a page for celeb/actress videos, but, there are so many celeb videos and video sites these days, that I’ll have to make a separate list for just those.   }limited vidcaps. This site is unusual, it is a searchable vidcap database and collection, apparently all made by the same person. Has other collections, click on left-hand menu. Fun idiosyncratic collection. Extra: here   }you can see Alfred E. Newman morphed in to George Bush.     }scroll down for list; ignore ads. Use A-Z to access list. I’ve apologized before for the increase of porn ads on celeb photo sites. Sorry.    }blind links to large, HQ images! Many ads.   }celebrity wallpaper site. Wallpapers of Men, too. Most images avail in 3 large sizes. The bad news: some of these wallpapers have double logos on them: a watermark-type logo, and the URL across the bottom.   }celeb galleries and nude-caps. many ads, etc. Good links.   }has actresses both new and old.  Selection of classic actresses, some images small.   }newer site that has both celebs and models. Images vary by size and quality. Pretty good selection. Some images large and HQ.   }another collection of scans of old celebs, mostly 1970s. Also has stories, video excerpts from TV series, etc. Fun site, clean, fast.    }clean. Many links, some to nudes. Sk. m-l sizes. An older site, easy to use, w/o any redirects, tricks, or dead links. The newer sites should be like this one. Recommended.   }scans + nude section. sk. small galleries, lrg pics. DL 2011. 2012 Update: Site is back up now.   }links to images, fan sites, bios, etc.   }features celebrity movies; ignore & scroll down for list.      }scroll down; avoid many ads. 2012: Another older site that is dying. Sometimes the thumbs open to images that are smaller than they are! Some images are missing, etc. Soon to be DL.    }another clean site. 50847 photos, 639 celebrities. sk. Photos, bios, links, nudes in separate section (that’s what the “sk” means: Sex Key registration required, you prove your age with your credit card). All the “sk” sites on this List are therefore safe for teens, etc., and make parents happy.      }lists galleries in UGO network & related. Simple, seems free of redirects and porn ads. Large galleries, HQ images, easy navigation, medium sizes.    }more extensive lists of celebrities. 2012:  Clago now redirects to Celebrity Link. Celebrity Link contains 25,080 celebrities and links to 38,208 sites. Big celeb portal.   }celebrity images, listed alphabetically by first name. The thumbnails are a little small, but all the links I tested led to images, mostly standard sized. Unfortunately, this site also mixes porn images so I cannot recommend it, sorry.   }mostly models and supermodels on this site, smaller images, some celebs, i.e., actors and actresses.       }more celebrity photos, links to some videos. Often links to pay-sites.    }long list of celebs, pages have links to many galleries, pics and vidcaps both, but all collectors, many ads, “Mr. skin” often, etc. Not all pics HQ.   }another new celebrity site..   }Celebrity Site Of The Day’s Archives.    }alphabetical list of celebs and models. Most links lead to galleries, and there, some of the images (after you click on the thumbnails) are large and HQ. Avoid “adult” ads, etc. Sometimes, the links lead to linklists, but these lead to galleries; and those galleries have some images that are large and HQ. If  you’re image hunting, you’ll find many sites like these, but google and the other engines never review and annotate these sites for you like I do. That is why it is better to start searching here and not with search engines.   }scanner’s site: celebs, links to scans & CSV. Large images. HQ. 8/08: Goes to Pink Devils now; click “pictures aus dem web”; “tips & tricks”. DL (2/11)    }leads to list of child stars, links to sites or webrings of them. 76 actors & actresses listed with average of 15 sites each.     }more lists of celebrity sites.  Actor, Actress, Celebrity Webrings – General and Specific. Has unusual webrings, including a renaissance faire webring and  child actresses webring also.   }also has older celebrity pics, medium size, not HQ owing to age.   }this site has a large collection of celeb photos, scans of originals (for sale) going back to the 1960s, and older. Recommended for older pics of celebs, vintage pics and scans.   }oldest free celeb site. 2012: DL.   }perhaps a good replacement for famous babes, above. Site is fast and not too crowded with ads. Browser ad blocker recommended, as usual. Limited selection for each celeb, but, pics they have are HQ and large to very large. Recommended. Search by first name of celeb.     }blind links to many sites.       }good site but pics mixed with ads. DL 2012.   }site has HQ, large celeb photos. Russian, so you may want to translate the page or site for easier use unless, of course, you can read Russian. Recommended.   }old nude scans of 17 celebs from the past.   }brief bio, valid links and galleries. HQ. SK.  DL (2/11)   }Latinas. HQ, pics framed, oversize logo shows. SK. DL (2/11)     }click pic for next; images only. Click side ad to collapse. DL (8/11).    }example of an idiosyncratic site. This site seems to be, er, the “L” word, but the site is clean, works fast, no redirects. Small galleries but medium size images, some HQ, thumbnails and full-size both appear on same page, click on celeb’s name. Scroll down to bottom for search box and tags.   }a somewhat unknown celeb site, not on the usual lists. Actors, actresses, and models, more men than usual on celeb site. Also has musicians and athletes. A clean, easy-to-use site, somewhat older design. Scroll down for images after selecting celeb. Med size images, HQ, different selection than usual.    }clean and HQ; images somewhat small. SK. Another older site that is simple, fast, no redirects.     }speed galleries, HQ, but many ads. 2012: site seems dead.   }links for Bollywood and Indian celebs. 6 pages on 3/25/12. Recommended if you want pics or links for Indian celebs.     }has HQ pics, but small sizes.     }scans of Celebrities, HQ, large pics, limited selection. 2012: Once a good site for celeb and model scans, it seems to be dying now. The front page is still there but the galleries are 404 now.    }galleries, links to scanners; plus links to ‘sexy’ sites. DL 2011. Once a famous scanner site, gone now.      }clean site, old; HQ but sizes vary. sk. Another older site that is fast and simple. The newest celeb sites should take a lesson from Idol Pleasures. The newer sites are too greedy for money, far too many ads, pages too crowded, hard to read, hard to use. Garbage.   }somewhat new site, lots of celebs listed. Has clips for each celeb, but not very many pic galleries.   }also has celebrity images. Sizes and quality vary.       }clean site, good linklist. SK. Somewhat older site, but clean, fast, and simple. The newer celeb sites today should start over and be more like I Just Wanna. Small galleries, but med-large images, some HQ. No redirects.    }JSR pages:collector images.   }new link for JSR pages. (2/11).    }celeb pics…this one is Jodie but there are others of the *  type. There’s a place where you can view all the * sites, hundreds of pages of them, thousands of URLs.   }Moono is back! Galleries, easy navigation, thumbs open to medium images, which click-open to large-to-very large images, some HQ. Clean site, I found no porn ads or links on it. Also has celeb news and links.   }celeb and fashion model forum site with HQ images, some large. Swedish.      } find and watch movie trailers, find awards photos, etc.   }enter celeb name in site’s search bar where it says “enter a celebrity name”.   }another site w/ images of celebs both old and new. Images medium size, HQ. Allows galleries to be searched.   }most aren’t nude; some “celeb gallery” links are misleading. Scroll down and avoid ads. Some adult content. Viewer discretion is advised. I don’t like all the porn ads that have been taking over these celebrity photo sites over the years, my apologies.    }another site that might not seem worth it, but, they have some older or rare photos in their galleries. Also some celebs not in the newer sites. Pictures, med. Quality, med. size, and they have a video gallery as well. For the annoying porn ads, I repeat this advice: get an ad-blocker. I use the Ghostery, which Jae and Jone suggested to me. They also suggested Jesse’s Bookmarklets, which allows me to “zap” a lot of that annoying stuff away. With all that gone, the site is much more friendly.    }an old celebrity scan site with links.    }fanatiks’ celebrity vidcaps’ links page.     }mostly models but has celebrities too. This site may load slowly. Works best on new computers, new browsers; loads up the browser; but the images are large to very large, new, and HQ. Click open image in new tab/window. Big site with hundreds of models’ galleries.        }more celeb images and links.   }a newer celeb (and model) photo site. In their archives, some of the images links are already broken.   }a Russian collectors’ site with celeb images, including some older ones that are harder to find these days. Alphabetical by first name. Includes some models and fashion models as well. Here is   }an English translation of their front page.   }clean galleries, large photos, some HQ.  7/08: site seems down. 2012 DL.   }portal and link list for several celebrity sites. As with all older sites, there my be some DLs. Since the site in  mixed English and German, here is:   }the celeb portal and galleries page.   }sometimes these pages are in German, sometimes English, and sometimes mixed. Good linklist of celebs’ own sites, these are harder to find.     }has photos of Morgan Fairchild, my wife.     }images of and blogs about celebrities.    }click celebrities, then on name of celeb, then on pictures; clean site and pics; medium quality, size, and inventory of pics.   }French celebrity images site. Some are large and HQ. Recommended.     }large HQ pics, many ads, links. 7/08: site has changed. Photos in list no longer link. Links at right of page still good, use these. Asks for joining. Page may be auf Deutsch.      }115000 mostly HQ images, grouped from largest to smallest. Scroll down for Links; click “more links” for more, gives a long list but these sites are difficult to work with and  many are useless; some are paparazzi pics of celebs: ignore ads there.  SK     }informative site but no photos. Blogs and columns, news, TV recaps, some links. Site is up-to-date.   }their linklist.      }registration and login required. Good blog images.   }site has large, HQ photos of celebs, candids and paparazzi, but, page is full of porn ads. Recommended: a good ad-blocker. I use Ghostery, which Jae and Jone suggested to me. Also, you can get rid of most of the other stuff with Jesse’s Bookmarklets, leaving only the celeb photos you want.   }pretty good collections of celebs.   }this is the page for all celebs’ galleries.   ]actor’s site, has small but HQ images organized by the movies they were in, etc. Clean, simple, fast. Also has audition notices but these seem dated (recent=2010).   }an older celeb photo site. Has links, site appears to be in Hungarian. Some of the links for the images are broken or dead, but, the images that are still there may be hard to find elsewhere.   }this site has a huge selection of celebs, most of whom I’ve never heard of. Select by first name. Easy to use, images are fair quality, medium size, mostly vidcaps.   }this site sometimes has pics, vidcaps, and videos of various celebs, which you don’t see on other websites.       }clean, mostly HQ but small-to=medium  images. Limited selection. 240 celebs.   }has also some older celebrity pics; searches other sites and compiles. Click ‘search by relevance’ and enter actor’s name. 2012 update: site seems to mostly have porn galleries now, but, I have found some image and movie links for some celebrities using their search.   }site has a mix of celeb and model photos. Most are large, some HQ. Older site, has images possibly hard to find elsewhere.    }lists all other sites, webrings with previews. }the webring directory. From here you can browse the various sites by category, and then select within these for preview. One such is given above. Example: From the directory, choose Entertainment & Arts, then Actors and Actresses from there, then browse and preview sites.   }b & w art-photos of celebs, but also of fash models. Recommended.    }another old celeb pic site; link goes to directory. Images are, for their age, large and HQ. Some images go back to the 1970s!    }ScanAddict celebrity scans.

IV. Tools. (related to Photography, Scanning, or Collecting)   }an alternate download location for the Dup Detector. You might like the other apps on this site.   }this Chinese search engine also finds images that the others don’t. Sometimes, though, they are ruined by large logos. For image searches, click on 图 片 .   }I’m including Blekko here since it’s image search is as good as some of the others. Results format similar to google’s. Select images from the menu or learn to use their “slashtags”. Jae Kamel has pointed out to me, that this is a bad term and perpetuates a mistake: “slash” started life as a slang term for the symbol “/”, which is a slant, virgule, solidus, or oblique solidus. From the beginning of PCs, computer people have preferred slang to correct English, probably to hide their lack of knowledge of it. The word caught on, and now a generation of kids has grown up using the wrong term, slash instead of slant, and therefore thinking it was correct. Sadly, it still is not the correct term. Jae went on to say, that when there’s a choice between the two, “” is called left-slant, and “/” right slant, for reasons obvious enough that a child can see. Neither one is either forward or backward, obviously.   }pixolution has two product demonstrations here. The first one is a little boring. The second one, displayed the images (250 – selectable) that the terms described, but, their “find similar images” option didn’t work at all.,csv-file-extractor.html    }CSV file extractor downloads.,xml-to-csv.html   }xml to csv 9and presumably vice-versa) tools, tutorials, and downloads.   }tutorial and definitions of image resampling terms.    }IRC Client freeware and other Photoshop freeware.   }image editing scanner freeware, plus many related links.   }free FTP facilitator, open source GNU code.   }visual examples of resampling methods.  }a German search engine. I was impressed with their image search, and found it almost as good as Ixquick, and better than Dogpile, giving results from many sites, European mostly, that google doesn’t.   }”FullMoon Graphics has been around since 1995. It was hosted on a free site for a while until I registered the domain name in 1998. In those days, making “free graphics” was the cool thing to do. Running my own business now, I just don’t have the time like I used to. But I guarantee FMG will always be here, if only for a trip through memory lane. Enjoy!”  }scan collection mgmt. DL (2/11).  22dec12 Update:   }this app, Where Is It?, is the best program for scan collection mgmt, that I have found. This version is shareware, I was unable to find the free version of it today. The next best version, is Picasa. I don’t recommend picasa since it is from google, and since it is a bigger file, and bigger to run. I think you’ll like my recommended choice, but it is only free for 14 days. I tried to find the free version (I had it once) but was unable to.   }this is our other main image app. PaintDotNet has many features that are improved versions of what you would find on MSPaint, the windows bundled app that it was made to replace; but it also has features like those in Pro image processors. One of the best freeware image apps, I use it in conjunction with IrfanView. Highly Recommended. If you have an older OS, you might need to download some .NET framework updates from microsloth.    }glossary of image processing terms from Gimp. Good for quick reference.    }google has a reverse image search now, which must make Tineye very unhappy indeed. It works alright, but I find that Tineye’s is still the better one, when their servers (etc.) are working right.   }with this page, you can apply a variety of photographic tools, to any image, in the browser. Complete and interesting set of links and tools on this page. Recommended.   }so, this is the first collection of freeware image apps by Hongkiat Lim, and it is the best of its kind. Mr. Lim has truly collected the very best freeware image processing apps on the Web, site highly recommended. See also his second collection of these.   }Hongkiat Lim’s second collection of freeware image apps. Highly recommended.   }Here is a list of HostChaos IRC knowledgebase articles to help you set up and run various IRC software.   }another type of reverse image search, based on color palette similarity rather than exact match. I did a test, and it did well on the b & w image, but then failed to respond to the uploaded color image, showing only the ‘spinning wheel’. They need to keep working on this one.   }German site for all photography products, plus info, links, etc. Easy to read and use, recommended.   }Online photo print services. Recommended. “Sorted by price for a 10x15cm photo print format. Here you will find photo services via the Internet exposure of your digital photos. To make an order or pattern according to the name order, please click on the appropriate link in the table header. The price for the ‘model contract’ is made up of 20 photographic prints 10x15cm plus the basic fee plus shipping charges. Clicking on the vendor name will take you to their homepage.”   }contrasting image resampling methods.   }JISC Digital Imaging, review of image search engines, including metasearches and metacrawlers. A rather long document, and not all that recent, but, here it is if you want to see the engines they found and their descriptions of them. Their section of meta-searching and ‘springboard’ searching was interesting. However, avoid “Search 22” since it leads to DLs and few results, except for, e.g., Picsearch. That is, the ‘springboard’ portals are just forwarding your search terms to other engines, and most of the ones here don’t work, or are DLs.   }This is, of course, IrfanView. This is highly recommended not only as an image app, but also for playing or showing files in various formats for which you many not have a player, or for when you want a faster app. Example: you’re on windows and have no QuickTime and no apple player; Iview has a built-in apple QuickTime player. Since it is simple, fast, straightforward, and easy on the eyes, this is a very good everyday workhorse, highly recommended.      }IRC/CSV tutorials.  DL (2/11).  2012 Replacement link:   }more IRC tutorials. For those who don’t know, images can be sent and received via IRC, chatrooms, and the like. That’s why these sites are included here. Such images are often in CSV format. They can be sent quickly, and w/o using the Web. Such images are small and large volumes of them can be sent all at once.   }site with many different kinds of photography products: cameras, films, everything. Site clean and easy to use, recommended. Many European and Russian cameras, etc., not usually found in U.S. sites and stores.   }One of my newer applications is the Image Analyser 1.34. This is one of the best freeware image apps on the Web. So, I use three apps for all my image processing now: this Analyzer, IrfanView, and PaintDotNet. Recommended.   }recently I have added this to my list of image apps. It can be useful as a “backup” for other programs, such as IrfanView. Backups Free File Viewer, and Total Commander; in abilities, Universal Viewer is like at half-way between those two. Recommended; and the Viewer uses the same plugins as the Lister in Total Commander. See also Online Tools : . BTW, it is recommended that you download and use the plug-ins for both TC and this Universal Viewer.   }this engine matches your photo (URL or upload) of any city, with similar from their large database. In my tests, it failed the first two, but then worked very well, indeed, in the third test, the page linked to above. Look carefully, and you’ll see that it identified the building on the right in the photo, then (a) returned several photos of that same building, but from different angles, (b) showed which city it’s in, and then (c) showed which street corner(s) in New York the building could be seen (photographed) from. Very impressive, and Highly Recommended for that.   }open office. This is a product and an open-source project which runs on all major platforms and provides access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.    }vidcap tutorial.   }homepage for Imagine image viewer. This viewer is fast, simple, small, and easy to use, and that makes it Highly Recommended by me. If you have trouble downloading from this location (I didn’t) let me know, and I can find another good download location for you. Note too that there is a Total Commander plug-in for this, that is, the Imagine viewer will operate from within TC, and can be set as its default image viewer, or alternative. Use the plug-in helper with the TC if you decide to use it. I use it there, and by itself as another tool alongside my Main Three image editors.   }more tools:download. DL (2/2011) On the site it says “We’re sorry to inform you that on July 6, 2009, CompuServe OurWorld was shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”   }free download of what started as the improved version of mspaint. PaintDotNet is a major improvement over mspaint which, for example, degrades the photo or picture quality when you use it; PaintDotNet does not. This is a mid-level app, perfect for those that don’t need the overkill complications of Photoshop or Gimp.   }”for everyone with an interest in photography. It is intended to help beginners get started in photography, and become so good at it that they turn into advanced amateurs. However, accomplished photographers will also find useful photography tips and hints here. Our primary objective is to help people to take better photographs.” Recommended by Kim Komando and others.   }online photo editor and graphics tool. It is simple, and runs in your browser. It isn’t as HQ as the computer-run apps, and works to a lesser degree of refinement and accuracy. But it is free and has all the tools you’ll want, so, I still Recommend it for a browser image editor.   }this is another visual search engine. Pixolu starts with your descriptors (or use keywords or tags) in your natural language, and then you pick one and it matches the image using its algorithms. We like the color and style of the webpage, and the app & servers were fast. Drag more images to that window, and it will try to match the characteristics of your selected images. I tested using 1 to 4 images, and the program worked well. Recommended. Click on the eye icon on the image, and a page open with the image’s source in a new tab.   }free image sorter from Pixolu, download from this page. Since this is the beta-version, the entire right-side panel doesn’t’ work, that is, all the “find similar” and image matching parts. So, the “image search” feature was disappointing, and that made the whole app disappointing. However, it was sometimes fun and easy to use, high-res, and did sorts very quickly, including the “sort by color”. Recommended but only as a beta-version. “ImageSorter is a demonstration software, showing the potential of our visual technologies. ImageSorter is not intended to be a substitute to other imaging software but a completion.”   }I use this Dup Detector. It is Ok for freeware, but is a little confusing, and I had to do awkward things to make it work correctly, i.e., find duplicates in the folder I specified, then show them to me. However, it is the best of its kind in freeware; and I did a pretty extensive search before finding this one. So, I’d have to Recommend it.   }this page is called by a reverse image search extension for Firefox, and uses Jeffrey’s EXIF tool, below. It provides a quick way to get technical data on an image, from your context menu. Recommended; and the Firefox extension is Highly Recommended. It is called Image Search Options, from . Best to download it from the FF add-ons page. Of course, you should be using Mozilla Firefox, and not any other browser. Why? Write to me and ask, via Jone Dae:  And note: it seems that you can only get to this tool from the extension. If you go to , you can’t get to the EXIF tool from there.   }here is jeffrey’s EXIF tool. It is the only tool I’ve ever found, that works for more file-types, and gives more EXIF data and options, than IrfanView. This is a very good tool, Recommended; and for me, it just emphasizes how amazing IrfanView is, which  so many image and media tools all in one lightweight, fast program.   }here is a good set of image tools, see above. You can download their Image Search Options from here. Recommended. Download link goes to this page:   ]and download it from here. I strongly recommend that you quit using Chrome and switch to Firefox. Why? Write to me and ask, via Jone Dae:   }start of basic scanning tutorial.   }basic scanning tutorial. Sample of several pages-long website.   }advanced info for using CSV data and Java object models.    }up-to-date scan collecting tutorial.    }how to merge multiple CSV files.   }several collections of freeware plugins for photographers and graphic artists. Site clean, and easy to use.  I use the plugin commander light, here:   }however, its use is somewhat confusing. The site says “Using plugins, tubes or other add-ons in a graphics, video or animation application can be a frustrating experience. As your effect collection grows your application needs longer to start up and your menus and lists become cluttered making it very difficult to find the particular effect you are looking for.” They should have also said, how and why do you convert the plugins to various formats, etc. I got the app to make sure that Irfanview and Total Commander had all their plugins available to them. Irfanview has its own plug-in installers downloadable from their site, but the TC plugins are still, not obvious. It is difficult to tell which ones are installed and working, and which are not. Nevertheless PiCo Light is the best freeware app of its kind.   }reverse image search; does work. Sometimes it doesn’t find images that are on the Web, though; that’s why I’ve made this List and others like it (unreleased/unpublished). I can find any image for you if it exists on the Web, usually without using google at all. Tineye also sometimes has trouble with its servers, their down or report ‘bad data’ for ordinary images submitted. It may have trouble with bitmap images.   }yes, most of the “new” image search engines are no good. Cydral, for example, is already down, I never even got a chance to test it. But this new one, Webfetch, is different. And even though it is from Infospace, I found that it did better than Dogpile in our tests, and all the other Infospace products are similar to Dogpile. Webfetch has features that none of the Infospace products have, for image searches; Recommended.   }be sure to read this long article on content based image retrieval (CBIR). We’ve found a few dead links, and several commercial, pay sites for this, such as piXserve, but nothing that good. Perhaps you can find something for this List, on that Wikipedia page.   }Russian search engine, finds images that the other engines don’t. See also Baidu, above.    }links to IRC and chatroom bots and tutorials.   } GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a big program, bigger and fancier than PaintDotNet, and match for Adobe. Some use and like Gimp better; for my images, I use a combination of Irfanview, PaintDotNet, and Pixlr. They have complementary capabilities, and I get very good results using them together. But some photographers swear by Gimp.

V. Other Photography   }site has galleries by several good contemporary photographers, and a unique linklist to galleries, some on blog sites, some by photographer, etc.    }jock Sturges working. Part 4. DL September 2011. See note above.    }this site also has many links to galleries, including blogsites, photographers’’ sites, and more. Recommended.    }Of Beauty and Being set.  19 photos.   }a new fashion search engine. Yes, a fashion search engine. The site and the engine and app are all set-up for Iphone and similar devices, but we were able to find the search engine. In the test shown, the engine returned the results below the pink “click here” button, to match the garment shown in the thumbnail next to the pink “click here” button, which I uploaded from my USB drive. Worked well, yes? None of the garments is an exact match for the jacket that Vika is wearing, but, they are all similar in shape and color. This app was meant for shopping, but from the search results you can also get ideas. Recommended. And here:   }read about the owner, inventor, and developer of Chic Engine.   }a source of unique photographs.    }features search by region or topic.   }the digital photography review, a site for digital photographers.   }this site has underwater dolphin & human photos.    }discussion of the origin of Sturges title, Line of Beauty and Grace.  } Currently there are 65 free image hosting sites which help you arrange and exhibit your images to your near and dear ones.    } this is the Hermitage Museum, in Russia. Page shown describes how a fine artist or photographer would use the Query By Image Content (QBIC) that IBM developed. You should check this out. There are other search engines on this page that will find images by color, but this is the most advanced on. More info about the QBIC here:   }IBM’s site, with clear instruction for how to set-up the QBIC in Windows, or most other OS as well, including Mac and Linux.   }”We reserve the right to delete without any notice any images which we believe violate our terms and conditions, and to suspend or terminate the accounts of any members who upload images that violate our terms. …You must not upload any images containing material that is of an adult nature, …” So are we, who use and view the worldwide web, children??  Not recommended. See also note below for Photobucket.   }” Image Uploading:
This is how many images you can upload at one time. For example, if you wanted to upload 10 images & you can only upload 1 image at a time, you would need to access the image upload page 10 times; if you are allowed to upload 10 images at a time you would only need to access the image upload page once.” Free accounts can only upload one image at a time. Not recommended.   }the immense picture search. I tested it with descriptions of the type of people, and it returned good results, many of them, and quickly. Only flaw, it tended to return mostly portraits and headshots, not showing the full figure in many. I didn’t find the advanced search useful, but you might. When I gave it a harder test, it still returned 303 images. Recommended. Note: it will return no adult-rated images unless you specify them. The “similar results” feature works well.    }collection of Sally Mann photos.   }Photographer page from indie nudes. This is the largest collection on the Web, of interesting independent photographers’ websites. Usually artistic in some way; recommended for browsing through. Warning: some of the links here lead to nude or sexual photos.   }the easy way to paste text and images. For example:   }check out these aerial photos from around the world.   }this one has millions of free images, categorized, and is easy to read and use. Drawbacks: only a few images per page, and all images are limited to those they consider “suitable for a K-12 audience”. The site and its search engine are fast, though, and they’ve obviously done a lot of work putting this all together.   }”If you do any of these things, …contains nudity,…we may deny, restrict or suspend your access to all or any part of the Site or Photobucket Services or terminate your Membership at any time, without warning for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation, and without liability – and even take legal action if needed.” Not recommended. I feel that people everywhere, but especially in the still juvenile U.S., should, if they are adults, grow-up and try to act like adults. But also, they should quit ruining their childrens’ intuition, innocence, and trust, with illogical and absurd notions about nudity, art, and photography, and quit ruining them with their, the adults’, shame and guilt feelings, about nudity, art, photography, and the human figure. Miss Éclair loves you, and doesn’t want you to be sick inside anymore, that’s why this list is here.   }PhotoLinks has a variety of how-to photography articles covering many aspects of photography from novice to expert. “If you happen to be an author on photography topics, contact us as we’re actively seeking new submissions.“ This is a big site, with over 30,000 photography listings in more than 80 categories. See also   }their directory.   }another useful site for photographers.   }an interesting photo collection. Page shown is UFO photos, if it opens to the same page when you visit the site (today is 1apr13, and not an april fool’s joke). This site also has large HQ pics of supermodels, celebrities, and so much more. Very good pic quality, but, it is very hard to find what you want using the site. It has a search bar and category selection, but, to find celebs or models by name I had to use a site search. Now, good engines like Ixquick or even google will do site searches, but, we found our result immediately with Ant ( ). Best way to use Ant: go to the site, then click the little molecule symbol on your Ant toolbar. A page with info about the site appears, and you can search the site from there.    }a site featuring fine photography. These may be famous people, i.e., from history, celebs, models, fashion models. I found no FAN on this site. All photos HQ, clean. Clean site, recommended.    }the list of video podcasts at that the podcast directory has.     } I found that the single image uploader worked, but that you could not upload multiple images. The website also seems to be very slow to respond.   }here you can ask questions and get advice about photography.   }”Images are everything. Welcome to the home of my favorite fashion photography blog.” “Our mission is to bring you the most gorgeous fashion images from the best fashion photographers in the world.

The images and comments on this site are not censored. Some of the content may contain nudity, suggestive elements, objective language, or otherwise offensive material. Please consider your environment while viewing the site. “   }photography, art, design, and video. Pages show samples of each artist’s/photographer’s work, in large, HQ images; you can then go to a page that has more photos of their work. Recommended. Browse through pages until you see what you like, etc. Interesting work. Here’s a sample:   }I’m into mural art.   }articles/samples from Tumblr. Goes on to several pages.   }page has several photos of couple in a great variety of amorous poses, almost all clothed. Resource.   }curious about content-based image retrieval? This  is the Wikipedia page for CBIR. It says, “Content-based image retrieval (CBIR), also known as query by image content (QBIC) and content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR) is the application of computer vision techniques to the image retrieval problem, that is, the problem of searching for digital images in large databases (see this survey[1] for a recent scientific overview of the CBIR field). Content based image retrieval is opposed to concept based approaches (see concept based image indexing). “ List of 20 CBIR software systems, with links.   }here are various free photo-editors that you might like to download and try.


  1. Q: Are there any other FAN sites you’d recommend?

A: Basically, no. The list above is fairly well updated now (2/11).

  1. Q. Any other celeb sites?

A: Again, not really. The Celeb List too has been recently updated. (5/11)

A: (March update): Actually, there are some galleries online that you could look at if          you wanted to; here are the URLs, categorized:

(2013 update: under construction.)

-I’ll keep you posted if I find any more of these.

  1. Q: What if my app, such as Word or WordPad, won’t link directly to the site?

A: Select the address only, the colored ink part to the left of the curly brace, copy it,          and paste it into the address bar of your browser, and then press enter. Then          you’re done. Note: if this doesn’t work, please e-mail the “Dead Link” to me right          away so that I can delete it from this List.  If you receive this list by e-mail, you can          also link directly from your e-mail copy of it to the link.

  1. Q: I’m looking for a “backdoor” site that will go directly to galleries and sample pages          for the various popular pay- and free-sites. Can you recommend one?

A: There are a few left for JPEGs, I recommend  . But,          Warning, some images may link to Porn sites. Choose carefully. Use images at                   upper part of page only. Using a sex-key may also lead to hidden galleries. But          these things can usually be found on the right side of a  blog-site. Also, purescans          has gone down in quality over the years. Also, the new “IV. Tools” category above          may be of help to you.

  1. Q: Any other changes?

A: Well, yes, there are several. The notable sites and links that have gone down are           noted above. However, the use of blogsites for posting scans and collections has           increased 10-fold or more in just that past few years. Remember, some of the info           above, including some of the sites, date back to the 1990s. In years, that’s not very           far away, less than one generation; but in computer/communications technology           years, the 1990s are now very far away. I say, the appearance of NTFS was the           herald that signaled the big, big changes everywhere that followed. Some of the           images in collections on older sites, are still jpegs from the 1990s or even earlier.           I’ve seen online images from as long ago as the 1970s; and no jokes please. They           did have images back in the 70s, including on their computers.

  1. Q: I noticed above that you referred to your Main Three image processing tools.

Which are they?

A: They are, IrfanView with all the plug-ins, PaintDotNet with some of the plug-ins,

Michael Vinther’s Image Analyzer, also with all of the plug-ins. Michael Vinther

has also written a few plugins for the PaintDotNet. Note: running Image Analyzer

or Irfanview with all the plug-ins will not slow them down, but it does slow

down Paint.Net, so, pick and choose just the ones you want. Of course, the folders

for them will increase in size.

  1. Q: I saw above that you have tested other image tools and Recommend a few. Which

are they?

A: Since I already did review them all above, I don’t want to repeat all that here.

However, I do sometimes use both the Imagine image tool, and the Picasa3 app,

as well. See also the notes for Pixlr and Pixolution above. Since you’ll ask, I again

don’t use Photoshop or any other Adobe products if I can, and for very good

reasons. Gimp was also too large and complicated for my needs. I like small, fast,

simple and easy-to-use apps, and just don’t have the time for vastly complicated

monsters like Photoshop that have features I’d never use in 3 lifetimes, let alone

just this one. I also avoid all Google apps and products whenever I can. Picasa3 was

an exception, since it has some useful features the other apps don’t, and, 2 features

that none of the other apps have, (1) the facebook uploader, and (2) the collage

maker. It makes collages somewhat crudely and doesn’t give you enough choices,

seems like a beta-version sometimes, but it is the best free collage maker I’ve found.

  1. Q: Do you have a rèsumé ?

A: Yes of course, but that’s not necessary here. You know that I do all the image and

graphics work, and most of the A/V work, for Jae Kamel and Jone Dae, the creators

of JKU (Jae Kamel’s URLs); and I still work IRL for my other clients as well.

Contact: Ms. Julie Éclair: via Ms. Jone Dae,