Monthly Archives: August 2013

Some Art Videos…

Greetings to our followers and fellow bloggers!  Today is the 16th of August, and the summer is beautiful here. Jae Kamel and me, have been
thinking about Fine Art lately, and about which Fine Art materials you would like or find informative, inspiring, or whatever. And so, here is a
link to our collection of Art Videos: . The skydrive folder is set for public access, you you can view or download any video you want, as well as
download them all in a zip file. Hotmail does the zip file itself and doesn’t offer a download format choice. But a word of warning: the zip file
of all those videos would be large. Hotmail also sometimes downloads corrupted zips, thank you, Microsloth. But a large zip will take time
to download, depending on your connection.
Not all of the videos are what others might consider “Art Videos”; but we feel that any Artist who sees the collection, after watching a few
of the videos, will understand why each one is there. Have fun with these, this is how I share summer vacation with you.
Jone Dae.  jonesmall2