Monthly Archives: March 2014

Art Video update…

Greetings to all my fans and other bloggers,

I maintain music folders (see also and an Art Video

folder (, updated today,

online on my Skydrive (now called Onedrive) . These are free for you to view or download;

Jae Kamel contributes as well; some of his music folders are on his own Skydrive. You’ll

find our music in the podcasts (, but you can also go and browse for
what you want for yourself. A warning, though, Microsloth Hotmail (now called Outlook) is not
reliable for large downloads: When you download an entire folder, it zips them up first; and then
when you extract the files on your computer or mobile device, some of them are corrupted or even
missing. Let me know if there is an entire folder you want, but the zip is corrupted: I can put it on
Dropbox, Dropsend, We Tranfer, or Gmail for you.

March 21, 2014.

Jone loves you.