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Julie Éclair’s Videolist September 2015 Update

This is the VideoList that I made for JKU (Jae Kamel’s URLs). This List is updated monthly, as are each of the Lists; the updates are posted here .

Some of the Categories are still under construction.

                                     Julie Éclair’s Videolist

                                    September 2015 Update

Govt. shutdown free for your protection.

I. Video

A. Fine Art Nudes (FAN).

B. Models.

C. Celebrities.

D. Live. –new!

E. Music Videos. –new!

F. Art Videos. –new!

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I. Videos

A. FAN: }trailer of film about Jock Sturges. Line of Beauty and Grace. July 2012 Update: If the trailer is not there, you can watch my copy of it here: . }a collection of fine art nude still images, b&w or sepia images, press play-arrow on player to start series. }trailer from Fine Art Nude Hayley-Marie Coppin video. 0:27. }Andrea, the famous Russian fine art nude model, in a video here. 7:19. She has been photographed by some of Russia’s and Europe’s most famous photographers. }this video features Andrea and Inna together. Note: these are real FAN videos, with no sex or sexuality at all in them. 8:01. }video of Luba, another famous Russian fine art nude model. 3:39. There is no sex or sexuality at all in these videos. Click on ‘set family filter off’ to view. }David Hamilton. One of the first and most famous of the FAN photographers. This is more of a documentary; Hamilton himself is interviewed in this. 10:34. Video was shot in France. }this is a Spanish FAN video. 2:48. Title: La Fraicheur Est Un Art. Yes, that is French, but the song is in Spanish. Video stops at about 1:30 and the rest is blank. A woman dives into the Mediterranean Sea. }daily motion’s copy of the of Jock Sturges’ work, Last Day of Summer. 5:24. }this is a video of David Bellemere’s excellent work, with a folksong playing for the audio. 4:54. One of my favorite photographers. 4:54. Enjoy. } Video apparently of the work of Cofran Blopa. This is another one of those videos, like the Bellemere, which is a crossover: the photos are of FAN, but the models are fashion models, and so this could be in the fashion category, below. Also, FAN are often in nature or the studio, these are in settings typical of fashion photography. 4:34. ‘You were born to be loved’, the song. }has 5-minute of Sturges’ book Last Day of

Summer. }tasteful short montage of FAN. 1:52. Click on ‘yes I’m over 18’ to view. }more excerpts from Fine Art Nude Hayley-Marie Coppin video, above. 0:43. }Andrea’s first video, 5:31. She is also known as Elena, in some of her photo collections. See above. }new link to excerpt from Line of Beauty and Grace, part one of two. Complete movie has been removed from youtube.July 2012 Update: You can now watch this video at: } and they claim to offer a download, but, the site won’t let you watch and download the video at the same time. 57:02. This is the best documentary about his life and work, highly recommended. Note that in their copy of this video, the visual part is blank for the first 1:22; it seems to be that way in the original. }part one of interview with Jock Sturges, 7:50. See the quotation on that page. }part two of interview with Jock Sturges, 7:53. Both parts on same page. }trailer from Tom Suhler’s fine art nude motion series. 1:52. } Nude4Art A.04 – Nude Art Class Life models 1. From the classroom. 0:52. Highly recommended for a look at a real life drawing class, this one in France. } Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop and Lighting Courses-ric woods photography See rics fine art nudes at course came from photographers inspired by these images shot on film. 1:14. Fine Art Nude Photography session: Discussion about Public Nudity with photographer Michael Grace-Martin and model Sarah Ellis. Photos from this session can be seen at and professional quality prints at . }video montage of fine art nudes, from Decade of nudes photography portfolio video of Alexander Paulin. A small selection of work he has done at this time on location ( no studio ). You need a shooting, or license images for calendars, postcards etc. feel free to contact the studio. 9:39, Recommended. }short German video about Jock Sturges’ work, 0:37. Recommended.

B. Fashion Models: }videos of fashion models. Note: with all the runway videos from this website, below, view them in your own player, so that you can adjust the aspect ratio to 4:3, so that the models will be in the correct proportion. Use a player with good error correction, such as VLC (recommended). }Doutzen Kroes. 7:19. }Angela Lindvall. 1:32. }Angela Lindvall. 3:55. }Caroline Trentini. 0:08. }Caroline Trentini. 4:54. }Gisele Bundchen. 1:28. Gisele Bundchen Pirelli Photoshoot. A fun video, recommended. Available only at this URL. }Gisele Bundchen. 1:55. This is a very charming and candid min-documentary on Giselle. It can only be found at this URL. Adjust your player (after downloading) to 4:3 aspect ratio. Recommended. }Gisele Bundchen. 1:02. }Gisele Bundchen. 3:00. }Gisele Bundchen. 0:15. }Jeisa Chiminazzo. 0:45. }Jeisa Chiminazzo. 0:23. }Jeisa Chiminazzo. 10:00. }Eva Herzigova. 4:30. }another in the “midnight” series of daring and NSFW fashion shows. 3:00. }a different copy of the video of Eva Herzigova, above, from 4:30. Recommended.! }Victoria’s Secret Models – Cover Shoot For US Elle October 2011; recommended. }here’s the short link to that runway show. 0:45. }collection of fashion models modeling lingerie, runway, 3:47. Recommended. Update: Some one has just (2/29/120 removed this video from you tube. Replacement link: }This is one of the best runway fashion videos. Highly recommended. 3:47. }Michael Kors NYFW Spring 2011, 3:54. Highly Recommended for the beautiful models in this show. }Claudia Schiffer, 0:10. }FTV hotmix Rosebud, 3:26. Bundchen, Chiminazzo, Fontana, Lima, Michaels, Ribeiro, others. Recommended. }FTV hotmix Star Fem Pe 2004, 4:03. Alves, Fontana, Lepere, others. More black women in this one. Recommended. }Barros, Cass, others. More black women in this one also. Recommended. 2:30. “Hot mix – love it.” }mix from the Silver Moonlight fashion show, 2:22. Starts with Giselle Bundchen, with Isabella Fontana and others. Recommended. }Latina fashion model in swimsuit photo shoot, 3:00. Highly recommended. }making the Pirelli calendar, 1:23. Recommended. On the beach. See it on FTV’s own site, here: }in a larger size than on youtube. }the making of the Pirelli calendar, 2009. A rare video showing fashion models working in Africa with elephants, in the mud and water, etc. Recommended. 8:07. }making the Pirelli calendar 2001, in Italy. Recommended. }making the Pirelli calendar 2003, Highly Recommended. 11:53. }best of the Pirelli calendar 1996-1999. Highly Recommended. 3:00. }The island of Corsica is the beautiful location for 2012 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Guinevere Van Seenus, Mario Sorrenti, Milla Jovovich, Joan Smalls, Lara Stone, Malgosia Bela, Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly, Kate Moss, Margaret Made, Rinko Kikuchi, Saskia De Brauw, Edita Vilkeviciute. Highly Recommended. 17.00 }Adriana Lima GQ photo shoot, mix. 4:46. This one is a little low-res, but it has much better music. Enjoy. }mix of Lima’s runway and Victoria’s Secret work. 2:23. }Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. One of the best fashion beach videos, highly recommended. 3:31. A very happy video. }dive in with Alessandra Ambrosio, 2:24. Recommended. }these are, of course, the Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. 1:12. I recommend that you play this one in your player, so that you can adjust the contrast and slow down the playback speed. Use about 75% speed. Use a player that has error correction. }brief look at models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima on the beach. 0:16. Recommended. I recommend that use your player for this, so that you can slow down the playback speed; use about 75% speed. The audio is in German, and Dr. Dae can provide a translation of it for you if you wish; contact her at . }page has embedded video of Ana Claudia Michels working, 2:21. Other Brazilian models on this page and on this site, including videos. }a beautiful video of Michels working outdoors, highly recommended. 3:23. }supermodel Angela Lindvall, shows off a special talent that she has. 0:43. }Angela Lindvall in Cuba, with some beautiful pictures of the island. 2:21. A little low-res. Nice video. }L’Officiel – Shooting Cover Girl : Angela Lindvall en tête-à-tête. 1:24. Interesting. } – First Face interview with video montage of runway work, Fall, Winter 2006-7. Angela Lindvall. This is high-res, HQ version of the video (above) from This one is complete, unedited. 6:02. }bio of Angela Lindvall, HQ. 1:55. }Lindvall in sports illustrated shoot with May Anderson. 3:11. Shot on border of Arizona and Utah, in swimsuits. }Angela on Modelinia. Here she does some, like, yoga. 0:42. Recommended.–angela-lindvall/39 }another Angela Lindvall on Modelinia: Confessions of an angel. Angela talks about what it really takes to look like a model. }probably the best Angela Lindvall video, highly recommended. 2:23. The Ann Taylor spring 2011 collection. }another short video showing some of Lindvall’s looks when she was 20. 1:22. }Behind the Scenes video of the Spring lookbook shoot with Anouck Lepere. 1:33. Recommended. }video montage of Anouck Lepere’s runway work from 2002. 3:00. Recommended. HQ FTV video. }Caroline Ribeiro summer 2002 runway show, 2:54. }this is my favorite Caroline Trentini video. The audio is Rai music, the images HQ. Highly Recommended. }Daria Werbowy in Lancôme ad shoot. 1:20. HQ and beautiful. This one has no audio, play some music with it. If you request it, I will add an audio track to the video for you and e-mail it to you. I can be reached through Jae Kamel or Jone Dae. }video montage of Daria Werbowy’s runway work from 2004. HQ FTV video, this is my favorite video of her. Recommended. 2:59. }brief excerpt of Doutzen Kroes on the beach. 0:15. Plays in WMP. }video montage of Eva Herzigova’s runway work from 2003. Another HQ FTV video. Enjoy. }video montage of Eva Herzigova working, and interview. 2:48. This is a higher quality version of this video, and has and Italian voiceover. If you don’t speak Italian, or if she is too hard to hear, the low-res version of this vid has no voiceover. Recommended. Enjoy. }a quick look at the beautiful Giselle Bundchen working, 0:24. On the beach. }Gisele Bundchen, 1:00. Dancing. }Gisele Bundchen ~ Calzedonia Bikini Backstage Video Summer 09. Giselle was once the highest-paid model in the world, and her net worth then was $8,000,000.00. On this video you can see why. She has 1000 faces and hundreds of looks… Highly recommended. 3:03. }Giselle’s ad for Cacharel, 0:21. }Giselle when she was younger, from Modelinia. Short, 0:43. Sorry, low-res on full-screen. }Irina Shayk working, a video montage. 3:39. Recommended; notice how she sometimes resembles Adriana Lima, a Brazilian. Her real name is Irina Shaykhlislamova, and she is Russian. Hot. }Irina Shayk talking about finally being on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. 0:45. Jeisa Chiminazzo In Nicaragua, for the SI swimsuit issue 2006. Another very beautiful Brazilian model. Recommended. 1:09. }stills of Jeisa Chiminazzo. She has been photographed by the famous art/nude photographers David Hamilton and Jock Sturges. Some of Hamilton’s photos of her are in this montage. 2:32. Recommended. }a brief look at Jeisa in the Ellus spring & summer collection 2004. 0:18. Recommended if you like Jeisa Chiminazzo. }another brief look at some of Jeisa’s runway work. 0:38. No audio to this short, play some music. Recommended except for that. }a collection of some of Jeisa’s runway work, showing some of her many looks. HQ FTV video. 3:01. Recommended. }an interview with Jeisa Chiminazzo. 3:03. }Milla Jovovich in Calvin Klein Escape commercial, 0:46. }Milla Jovovich featured profile. 2:20. }Natalia Vodianova – Making of Pirelli Calendar 2003. 0:53. Recommended. }Publicité Guerlain Shalimar Initial – Natalia Vodianova. 0:21. }Guerlain Shalimar HQ, Natalia Vodianova. 0:31. }interview with Natalia Vodianova. 3:36. Recommended. }Natalia Vodianova on set of a cover shoot by Paolo Roversi for the 14th Anniversary issue of Vogue Korea. August 2010. 1:01. Short with footage from interview. Recommended. }excerpts of Rebecca Romjin’s SI work. 0:22. }Rianne Ten Haken, FTV, compilation. 3:13.

C. Celebrities (Actors and Actresses): }brief excerpt with Alyssa Milano from a movie. About 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement: }Sharon Stone, 0:46. }more of the same scene (excerpt) with Alyssa Milano. 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement: }Sharon Stone, 0:51. }more of the same scene (excerpt) with Alyssa Milano. 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement: }6:13. Alyssa Milano. }Alyssa in a brief scene with a vampire, apparently. 0:20. 1 of 3. 2014 DL.Replacement: }9:01; Alyssa Milano. }Alyssa in a brief scene with a vampire, 2 of 3. 0:20. 2014 DL.Replacement: } Alyssa in a brief scene with a vampire, 3 of 3. 0:20. 2014 DL.Replacement: }Alyssa Milano, 1:42. }Angelina Jolie, }Ashley Judd in her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. (Click on play arrow.) }beautiful love scene with Ashley Judd and Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice). No sex, no porn. 3:58. }interview with Ashley Judd, at her Marie Claire cover shoot. 3:49. Audio starts after a few seconds. Benefit for AIDS relief. }Brooke Shields in scenes from Wanda Nevada. 8:05. }Brooke in a red bra, 0:24. }excerpt from Pretty Baby, 6:03. Brooke Shields and Keith Carradine. }download Charlize Theron in Reindeer Games from this URL. Note that these two files download somewhat corrupted, and you’ll want to experiment until you find which player plays them best. I use the Free File Viewer for these. }download Charlize Theron in The Devil’s Advocate from this URL. Note that these two files download somewhat corrupted, and you’ll want to experiment until you find which player plays them best. I use the Free File Viewer for these. }Charlize Theron, 7:30. }Charlize Theron, 6:08. }Charlize Theron, 1:50. }1:02. }brief scene of Charlize Theron in the bathtub, about 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement:}1:05. Scarlett Johansen. }brief scene of Charlize in bed, 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement:}1:14. Angelina Jolie. }excerpt from Devil’s Advocate, Theron and Reeves. 0:20. 2014 DL Replacement: }2:00. Elizabeth Hurley. }same. 2014 DL. Replacement: }Jessica Biel in London, 0:49. }Clotide Coureau, 0:44. }Daryl Hannah in At Play In The Fields Of The Lord, 2:55. }Daryl Hannah in Summer Lovers, 1:11. Recommended. }Daryl Hannah in Summer Lovers. This is a longer excerpt, but low-res, sorry. 5:28. }same excerpt, in part, from Summer Lovers, but HQ. 1:32. Recommended. }longer, clearer excerpt of Reckless with Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn. 6:12. Recommended. Note: don’t be misled by URL, this is not any kind of porn, at all. }Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. 1:16. Other URL:

( ) }Kaleidoscopic Mrs. Emma Peel – Celebrating 50 Years of the Avengers. 3:54. }another Avengers excerpt from DeeDooLife. Since the site is in French (and English), this excerpt has French dubbed in. 3:50. }Emma Thompson, 0:53. }excerpt from Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick’s last film, with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. 1:23. }beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow, from a movie early in her career. 1:42. } Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 3:42. }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:56. }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. DL 2014.Replacement: }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. DL 2014.Replacement: }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. DL 2014.Replacement: }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. DL 2014.Replacement: } Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20. }1 of 4. } Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20. }2 of 4. }Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20. }3 of 4. }Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20. }4 of 4. }Gweneth Paltrow, 3:27. }Gwyneth Paltrow, 0:39. }Gwyneth Paltrow, 0:59. }Gwyneth Paltrow, 2:36. Better version of her role as an artist’s model. 2015 DL. Replacement: }from Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke watching her undress. The quality of the you tube copy of this excerpt is not as good as the previous one. 1:24. Also, only half as long. Here’s another replacement: }her role as an artist’s model, 0:45. }compilation of scenes from her movie Sylvie. }Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo – HD, 2:09. }excerpts from Hot Spot, Jennifer Connelly. 0:48. }Jennifer Connelly in the Hot Spot. 2:21. With Don Johnson. }Jennifer Connely montage, 3:08. }Jodie Foster in Nell, 0:12. }Jodie in Backtrack, with the late Dennis Hopper. 0:43. }Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. 5:15. }Jodie Foster in A Very Long Engagement, 0:31. }scene of Keira Knightley from a film, about 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement: }2:45. Alexandra Daddario with Woody Harrelson. }Keira Knightley, 7:25. }more of the same scene with Keira Knightley, 0:30. 2014 DL. Replacement:}Natalie Dormer in The Tudors, 0:14.}more in The Tudors, 2:08. }Keira Knightley, 1:54. }Keira Knightley, 0:20. }Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in 9 ½ weeks. 4:22. Sometimes daily motion won’t link directly to the video, scroll down, the videos are grouped together lower on the page. }excerpt from 9 ½ weeks; video is loud, be careful. 0:09. }longer version of this scene, 0:49, sorry about the low-res. }excerpt of Kim and Michael in Getaway, 0:09. }higher-res excerpt from The Getaway, 2:13. Note that you have to set the family filter to off to view these videos. }scene showing Kim in bed, 0:44. }Kim in a funny scene with Dan Akroyd. 2:31. }Kim in a fun scene with Mickey Rourke. 4:11. Music by Randy Newman. }Kim and Mickey enjoy some food and drink, 3:08. }Kim and Michael having some fun. 0:44. Somewhat low-res. }higher-res version of the same scene, 0:30. }Michael Baldwin and Kim Basinger in Final  Analysis. 1:51. Sorry, somewhat low-res. Please note that sometimes with this site, you have to set the family filter off, and then reselect the video on their page, to play it. Sorry for the inconvenience. }scenes from The Getaway, Kim and Michael. 3:59. }kim in door in the floor, 0:20. }short scene with Kim called Door in the Floor, 0:10. Note: If Work doesn’t link to these videos, then just paste the URL into the browser’s address bar. }higher-res version of the same scene, 0:30. click continue, I’m over 18, to watch this. }LFB video, 0:48. Bedroom scene. }Lara Flynn Boyle in ménage a trios. 0:37. Turn off family filter for all videos from this site. }LFB in the swimming pool. 0:27. }Lara Flynn Boyle in a young love scene. 0:38. }Lara Flynn Boyle in a pillow fight… and a shaving cream fight. 3:32. }Michelle Monaghan in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 0:45. }nice video montage of Milla Jovovich, scenes from her movies. She may be the one singing in the background music, as well. 4:12. Highly Recommended if you like Milla. }Milla in the final scene of The Fifth Element. 2:22.!download|75p11|348081869|Milla_Jovovich_-_.45_HD_720p.avi|77412|0|0 }hot Milla Jovovich scenes from a movie. 3:08. (I’ve been unable to determine which movie this is from, using IMDB and youtube. If you know, send e-mail to me via Jone Dae.) Recommended. Adult material. Note: several of the better download sites are down or modified in some way, no longer useful. This excerpt, for example, can’t be found online anymore, e.g., youtube, etc. You can also download it from here: }Jone Dae’s collection of celeb video excerpts. }Molly Ringwald, 1:20. }Natassja Kinski in Cat People. 1:03. }Natassha Kinski, 1:03. alt. URL. } Natassja Kinski in Cat People. 0:48. }brief excerpt of Nicole Kidman in a movie, about 0:30. }brief excerpt of Nicole Kidman from Eyes Wide Shut. 0:30. }Nicole Kidman, 3:15. }Nicole Kidman, 2:42. }Nicole Kidman, 2:02. }montage of Celebrity sex scenes. 4:09. }21:49. Montage Celebrity sex scenes. } Montage Celebrity sex scenes. 14:33. }Olga Keyzerova, 5:20. }Olivia Wilde, 2:08. }Penelope Cruz love scene in Spanish, 1:04. I couldn’t find the Spanish actor’s name. }Some scenes of Phoebe Cates outdoors in nature. 5:53. }Phoebe Cates, 0:47. }Phoebe Cates, 1:57. }some of Rebecca Romjin’s film work. 2:07. Quality not so good, recommend watch in full-screen mode. }this is a better copy of the Rebecca Romjin clip. 3:02. }Rebecca Romjin underwater. 0:48. Note that she was a fashion model first, and then acted later. }Reese Witherspoon, 1:54. }Scarlett Johansen, 3:29. }excerpt with Sharon Stone in an outdoor scene. About 0:30. 2014 DL.Replacement: }Sharon Stone shower, 1:33. }Sigourney Weaver and Michael Caine in Half Moon Street. 2:06. Sorry, low-res, but this is the only set of excerpts from this film on the web. If the above URL doesn’t take you directly there, try this one: }sorry about the ad(s). }short of Winona Ryder, 0:20. }Winona in Dracula, 6:11. }Winona with Richard Gere, 0:43. }scene from Sex and Death, 0:35. }Winona in Lost Souls, 2:36. }Winona Ryder montage, 6:24. }Winona in Girl Interrupted, 2:18. }Winona and a dummy, 1:27. ]Ulrika Butz, 3:58. }Zooey Deschanel, sister of Emily Deschanel. 0:36.

D. Live viewing.(under construction) }new site for the former Mogulus. “A place to broadcast [sic] or watch live events.” JKU does not usually list or review pay-sites, however, I am including three live viewing sites which are pay-sites, since I have not yet found any free ones. Livestream offers a fully-featured landing page and embedded player, three free encoding options, and the ability to upload disk-based video files and import videos from YouTube, which makes it close to a full-service online video platform (OVP). Extensive social media support throughout and an impressive metrics package should also place it on the short list of any enterprise seeking a live streaming service provider.In terms of size, Livestream is one of the top three live streaming service providers, with free service limited to SD resolution at 500 kbps and for-fee packages for HD video starting at $350/month. The service offers multiple monetization opportunities, including advertising splits and pay per view and subscription offerings. Livestream offers good control over who views or can embed your videos. For example, you can require viewers to input an email address before viewing (though there is no verification), and/or require password protection. You can also remove your site from the Livestream Channel Guide, limiting visibility and access even further, and limit embedding to specified URLs. }niconico Live (ニコニコ生放送,Nico Nico Namahousou), formally spelled “Nico Nico Live”, is a personal live-streaming service in niconico. It was launched as a trial service on December 25th, 2007 and opened to all premium users in December 12th, 2008. The total quantity of aired programs had reached 1 million within its first half year since user programs started, and it had reached 100 million on July 11th 2012.[5] Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of user broadcasting programs are aired in a day. }thourough description of how to use Livestream, with screenshots, including broadcasting, their channel page, and their embedded player. }Ustream is the largest live streaming service provider and offers an unlimited free live streaming service funded by advertising, as well as white-label versions starting at $99 per month. Otherwise, Ustream is competent throughout, with highlights such as the ability to deliver multiple user-selectable streams. My only reservation is the clumsy embedded player; it would return me to the Ustream channel page when I click any videos in the library.Ustream offers very rich channel pages and an equally rich broadcast experience. Notable features include the ability to schedule broadcasts, which appear as upcoming shows on your channel page. Once completed, you can add highlights in your broadcasts, which are essentially cue points with a short text description that viewers can jump to. You get all the expected social media options such as tweeting, liking to Facebook, and +1-ing to Google+. Ustream’s size allows it to deliver lots of eyeballs to your channel page, if that’s what you’re looking for, and the site offers competent or better functionality in all critical areas, particularly channel page customization and ecommerce options. The site needs to be on the short list of any organizations seeking an LSSP.

E. Music Videos.Note: several of these videos are no longer available online; others, different copies of almost the same video. For a few, they are still there, but special research is necessary to find them… this requires a long time for each video. So, substitute URLs are provided by Dr. Jone Dae for some of the videos’ URLs. }3 Meditations – Riley Lee, 23:32. }35 Years of David Lynch: Introduction, 15:08. Video adaptation of the article series: “35 Years of David Lynch.” Since releasing his first film 35 years ago this day (Sept. 28, 1977), David Lynch has blazed a new trail in cinema with his unique blend of absurd humor, bizarre characters, and surreal imagery that has challenged and inspired countless moviegoers. }2001 A Space Odyssey – Trailer 1968, 2:30. }Aimon, into the night, video montage set to “into the night.” 4:14. }aseptic void, the world spins, 4:15. }Audrey s Dance – Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks)5,19.mp4 }Babooshka, Kate Bush, 3:31. }Beethoven – Große Fuge B-Dur Op 133 – Alban Berg Quartet, 15:51. An excellent performance of this, Highly Recommended. }Beethoven String Quartet No 13 Op 130 in B flat major Alban Berg Quartet. Highly Recommended performance. }Bekhudi Mein Sanam, 6;11. }Glenn Gould – 16. Beethoven, Piano Sonata No.17, Op.31 “Tempest” [ 1960 ], 17:24. } A Meeting by the River, Track 3, V.M. Bhatt, 9:35. Grammy music award winner. }Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie – South Of Heaven (Winter Garden), 6:45. }Bike (with lyrics) – Pink Floyd, 3:26. }Bill Laswell – Beyond The Zero.mp4 }Bitch (live) (bootleg), 4:55. }Bjork – big time sensuality(b&w), 4:55. }Bjork – Big Time Sensuality – Rare Night Version, 5:44. }Bjork – Cocoon, 4:33. }Björk – Human Behaviour [Glastonbury 1994], 4:46. }björk – hyperballad, 4:02. }Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet, 4:07. }Bjork – Pagan Poetry, 5:14. }dancing in the dark, I’ve seen it all, Björk and Thom Yorke, 5:15. }björk – venus as a boy, 4:45. }Bjork – Venus as a boy (Music Video) [American Anglo remix], 5:05. }Bjork- Big Time Sensuality Live, 4:59. }Bjork -Dancer in the Dark – I’ve seen it all (HQ), 5:13. }Bjork Interview 1988-3:33. }Blancmange – Blind Vision (1983) [HQ], 3:57. }Blue Velvet – Mysteries Of Love, 1:55. }Brian Eno Harold Budd – Against the Sky, 4:52. }Brian Eno H.Budd The Plateaux of Mirror _An arc of doves, 6:37. }Brian Eno H.Budd The Plateaux of Mirror First Light, 7:15. }Brion Gysin and William Burroughs, 3:34. }Bogus Pomp from Orchestral Favorites. 13:33. 2015 Update: they cancelled Henry’s account; so, here’s the replacement link: }Bogus Pomp, Frank Zappa. }Carlos Montoya – Farruca, 4:11. Live. }Carlos Montoya – Peteneras Del Cafe De Chinitas, 3:14. }Carlos Montoya Zambra – 1961 Recording, Vintage Images, 5:28. }Carlos Montoya, Tarantas, 6:21. }Carlos Montoyo plays Bulerias, 2:20. }Chant for a Holy Book, 5:11. Period Instruments (called today, “ethno-geographically correct instruments”). }Chant Katzapsky, 2:44. }Cheba Fadela Et Cheb Sahraoui – Manich Mena , 4:04. }Cherry Bomb, 2:21. This particular video is not online anymore (except here); but here is a good. different copy of the live performance from 1976: }Cherry Bomb, 2:20. }Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd – The Ghost Has No Home, 7:36. From The Moon & The Melodies. }Dark Woman of the Glen (and Political Lies), 9:27. Aalborg, Denmark, September 15, 2012. Robin Williamson. }Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim, 6:56. }Dead Can Dance – As the Bell Rings, the Maypole Spins, 5:13. }Derek & Clive – Jump you fucker jump!, 0:58. Video is a little fast, if you can, slow it down a little in your player. }Diane Krall – Crazy, 4:47. She plays and sings with Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson. }Diane Krall – Let’s Face The Music live at abbey road, 6:42. }video of let’s face the music and dance. 4:19. Her site. DL 2015.Replacement: }goes to Vevo-VMG portal player, and starts playing let’s face the music and dance, by Diane Krall. i.e. the player from her website. 4:19. }Diane Krall – Quiet Nights Video. 4:42. }Diane Krall – Walk On By (Live In Rio), 5:23. }”We live in an age of technology in which machines touch every part of our lives. It is not surprising that music has also been influenced by technology.” This 1983 documentary film by director and writer Bernard Wilets examines the basics of analog synthesis, digital sampling and sequencing. }Documentaire – partie 1 sur 6 (SD), 10:12. }Falling In Love5,23.mp4 }Flying white dots, 5:19. }El Pais Secret, by Robert Graves (folkMusic), 7:04. }Frank Zappa – Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk, 9:05. }Frank Zappa & Sting – Murder By Numbers, Live 1988-5:35. }Frank Zappa and Ensemble Modern-Food Gathering, 5:44. }Frank Zappa Ensemble Modern Louise Lecavalier G-Spot Tornado, 6:52. }Frank Zappa Interview(audio)28,43.m3u }Full House, Kate Bush, 3:15. }Golden Hair -Syd Barrett, 3:56. }Gurdjieff & DeHartmann, Caucasian Dance, 4:23. The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble was founded in 2008 by the Armenian musician Levon Eskenian with the aim of creating ethnographically authentic arrangements of the G.I. Gurdjieff/Thomas de Hartmann piano music. The ensemble consists of leading Eastern folk instrumentalists in Armenia playing duduk, blul/nay, saz, tar, kiamancha, oud, kanon, santur, dap/daf, tombak and dhol. }Harold Budd & Brian Eno – an echo of night, 2:22. }An excerpt from the excellent concert that gave PLASTISCINES 6 August 2010 on the Place de l’Hotel de Ville in Paris in the Indétendances Festival. “I Love Rock’N’Roll” is the spirited cover of the classic Joan Jett :-) , (live outdoors), 2:40. }In The Studio, 1:27. Plastiscines. }I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Diane Krall, 7:18. }Gaelic Lullaby – Judy Collins, 3:24. Video has art by famous artists. An art film. Great paintings by Cassatt, Courbet, Dielman, Dupre, Homer, Renoir, and Turner augment this old lullaby of unknown origin so masterfully sung by Judy Collins.   }The Jig Of Life, 4:20. Part of a longer story called The Ninth Wave. Enjoy. Jig Of Life4,19.flv }The Incredible String Band – Job’s tears, 6:47. And the lyrics:

We’re all still here

no one has gone away

Waiting, acting much too

well and procrastinating

The cross of the earth

(let me go through)

The four winds point them

Body to body

Seas to anoint them

The reed they brought him

Sponge and vinegar

Fiery serpents

Spitting gold and cinnamon

The moon was bleeding

And stars were shallow

And the sword that killed him

Was a sword of willow

Hello I must be going well I only came to say

I hear my mother calling and I must be on my way

O I remember it all from before

The winter and the midnight

Could not hold him

The fire could not burn him

Nor earth enfold him

Rise up Lazarus

Sweet and salty

Brother soldiers

Stop your gambling and talk to me

The thieves were stealers

But reason condemned him

And the grave was empty

Where they had laid him

Why heroes die at sunrise

Why the birds are arrows of the wise

Why each perfumed flower

Why each moment has its hour

It’s you

It’s all true

Stranger than that we’re alive

Stranger than that

Stranger than that

Whatever you think

It’s more than that, more than that

Happy man, the happy man

Doing the best he can

Keep on walking where the angels showed

(All will be one)

Travelling where the saints have trod

Over in the old golden land

In the golden book of the golden game

The golden angel wrote my name

When the deal goes down I’ll put my crown

Over in the old golden land

I won’t need to kiss you when we’re there

(All will be one)

I won’t need to miss you when we’re there

Over in the old golden land

We’ll understand it better in the sweet bye and bye

You won’t need to worry and you won’t have to cry

Over in the old golden land.

-Robin Williamson. }Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch – Lux Vivens, from the music of Hildegard of Bingen, 8:23. }John Hartford – Skippin in the Mississipi Dew, 2:59. }John Renbourn & Robin Williamson Live at Mr Kyps Poole, 6:58. }Judy Collins – Early Morning Rain (1966), 4:35. }Judy Collins – Turn, Turn, Turn (1966), 4:35. }mp3Judy Collins – Someday Soon, 3:10 }Just Another Kiss From You, 2:57. }Kate Bush Experiment IV [official remix] loud. 6:37. }Kate Bush, Exp.4, 12”, 6:47. }Kate Bush – Experiment IV Better Quality, live on stage. 4:15. }Kate Bush – Her Greatest Dance (montage), 3:54. }Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill – Official Music Video, 4:56. }Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (1985) HD, 4:55. }Kate Bush – Sexual Healing – Kate recorded this song by Marvin Gaye for the album “A Place Among The Stones” by Davy Spillane. It was dropped from the album when Spillane’s management felt that it didn’t fit in with the rest of the album. Eventually Kate released it as the B-side of the “King Of The Mountain” single in 2005. The song features Davy Spillane on uillean pipes. The song was written by Marvin Gaye and Odell Brown and released as a single in September 1982. The song is also featured on his album “Midnight Love”. }on this page from 28 March 2014, Kate Bush Concert Tickets Sold Out In 15 Minutes, is a video to this video: }footage of her first concert tour 1979, 1:22. }Kate Bush – And So Is Love, 4:16. }Kate performs “Strange Phenomena” at Efteling in 1978, 2:50. }Koi Kahde Kahde – Asha Bhosle, Tanuja, 3:10. (1966) }La Bicyclette (live), 2:19. }La Bicyclette Bardot, 2:09. }Last Night When We Were Young by Kenny Burrell, 4:54. }Laurens Walking – Angelo Badalamenti (The Straight Story), 4:17. }Les Plasticines, 6:43. In this video their best performance of Mr. Driver. }Les Plastiscines interview en plein air, 11:34. }Let’s Get Down In Barcelona, 3:21. }Ligeti – Atmospheres (1961), 8:51. }Lily (DivX)3,54.avi }Lily, Kate Bush, 3:54. }Live Outdoors Just Another Kiss3,08.flv } Pasadena June 21 2008. Lost In Translation (live outdoors), 3:01. Bootleg. }lost in translation, good audio on this one. 1:59. Lost In Translation (live)1:58.   }alt. version of “Loser” (NYC), Loser (parody)3,01.mp4. }Madonna: Dance, Sex, and Personality: a Tribute. 4:12. Low-res, but still worth it. DL Sep 2012 Blocked by FBI.Nov 2012 Update: you tube has a copy of this video, but it is banned in the U.S. Use a foreign ISP to view this video. }found here, 4:13. Recommended. You can also download or view it here: . Note that sometimes skydrive won’t hotlink to the video, but the page will open with the video selected; click on it to view or download and then view. 6oct13 Update: Link went directly to the video, and the browser started playing it. }Madonna, Dance 101. 4:29. Recorded through a Dutch ISP. Recommended. This one is viewable in the U.S., or here: . Apologies for the low-res original. Note that skydrive won’t always hotlink to the video, but the page will open with the video selected; click on it to view or download and then view. }Makyo, Skin As Soft As Starlight, 9:57. }Massive Attack & Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, 5:07. }Meeting By The River, V.M.Bhatt, 9:35. He is playing a modified American acoustic slide guitar, in a way similar to the Vina. }Mel Torme’ – It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing), 2:12. }Miles Davis Walkin’, The Miles Davis Quintet, Stadthalle, Karlsruhe, Germany, November 7, 1967. Fast, hot, virtuosity. 9:16. Milla Jovovich – Electric Sky.mp4 }My Heart Was So Broken4,54.flv }Nature Of The Experiment – Tokyo Police Club, 2:25. }Blutengel song “night of sin” around images from the photo session “HOSPITAL” of Estelle Lagarde in Versailles (France 2007). The style is dark EBM/darkwave. There are no heavy electro-industrial songs offered here. (…) The music is made up of well layered and textured electronic programming and bass beats frantically playing over beautifully dark and haunting melodies. The singing by both Chris and his female guests is clean and clear with emotion and passion.” Lyrics }Night of Sin. }here they cover “No Way”, audio with stills. 2:00. }Ofra Haza – Galbi, 3:13. }Ofra Haza – Kashmir, 4:59. }Ofra Haza – last recordings – Ke eyal ta’arog – Psalm 42, 0:34. }Ofra Haza – Wish Me Luck, 3:48. }Ofra Haza – Eshal , 4:00. Live. }Ofra Haza-Shaday, 4:38. From the comments on that page, “We’ll miss Ofra. She always brought peace to Arabs and Jews with her magnificent song and spirit, which resides within us, even as we sleep. Loving kindness and express wishes for prosperity and enlightenment to you and your family, from Samarqand. “ }Open Hand documentary, part 1 of 3, 7:22. D.A. Pennebaker filmed a documentary about Suzanne Vega during her Days of Open Hand tour (Spring 1990) in England, but the film was never finished. A shortened version has been aired, called Portrait of an Artist, very different from the album of the same name. }”Pacheco” by Kate Wolf: Robin Williamson – Pacheco – American Stonehenge – 1978. 3:52. }Pas Avec Toi, 2:36. }This is Peter Schickele’s performance of his Scheptet in Eb Major. Recommended. }PDQ Bach- Schleptet for Winds in Eb (S.0), 10:22. Trevor Mowry’s. }Pentangle – Light Flight & Train Song 1969, 7:10. }Peter Gabriel – Here Comes The Flood (1979) Xmas TV Special,3:29. }Plastiscines, Camera, 2:11. Plastiscines – Camera (06-08-2010, Live au Paris)2,10.mp4   }a little movie about The Plasticines. This is the new (2011) URL for it: }the do a nice cover of “Shake, Shake”. They cover “Driver” also, low-res. Unfortunately, Daily Motion has started inserting ads into “their” videos. }this is the original Nylon magazine video that the above little interview was about. 3:22. }Plasticines – Exclusive, 10:44. }a little documentary, 2:46, about the Plastiscines. }Plastiscines – Comment Faire, 3:10. Their new sound after the lead guitarist left them. }Plastiscines at Paléo [5] – Pas avec toi, 3:12. }Plastiscines at Paléo [6] – Hideaway3,49.mp4 }Possibly Maybe, Bjork, 5:13. }Praga Khan – Fantasia Forever, 3:42. }The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble: Prayer, Sayyid Chant, and Dance, no.10, 7:24. }Rasputina – Rock ‘n roll (Led Zeppelin cover), 3:23. }Robert Fripp Patrick McGoohan 1968 – Giles, Giles & Fripp, 3:41. }Robey – One Night In Bangkok, 3:40. Again, this version of this video is no longer available online. }Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – Outside, Silence, 4:28. }Robin Williamson and John Renbourn Blues for Harp and Guitar (live), 5:23. }Robin Williamson, the Parting Glass. Most of the audience applaud enthusiastically while some of us quietly weep…. 4:50. Recorded at the Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Robin Williamson The Parting Glass4,51.mp4 }Sacred Place, Ralph Towner, 4:07 }Sad Jane. LSO conducted by Kent Nagano. 9:52. }here’s a better version of Shake, Shake. 2:01. }Silver Strain, A Blue Rose. 5:51. (Twin Peaks) }Sleep Dirt(remastered), 3:23. }Small Blue Thing (live-2004)4,26.flv }Small Blue Thing (original-(live))-Suzanne Vega, 3:57. }Solitude Standing, 4:28. }Song of Solomon, Director’s Cut, Kate Bush, 4:48. }Suzanne Vega – Wooden Horse (Casper Hauser’s Song), 5:22. }the Kaspar Hauser story. }Suzanne Vega live in concert 1989 2nd of 4, 8:58. }Syd Barrett ‘Golden Hair’ Take 5-3,55.mp4 }4:47. Solomon’s Seal was an album recorded in 1972 by folk-rock band Pentangle. It was the last album recorded by the original line-up, before the band split in 1973. Jacqui McShee has stated that it is her favourite Pentangle album. The album title refers to the Seal of Solomon — a mythical signet ring with magical powers, sometimes associated with the pentagram symbol adopted by Pentangle. Solomon’s Seal was recorded at Sound Techniques studio, London, between February and March 1972. The album opens with their version of Cyril Tawney’s song of a sailor’s lost love: “Sally Free and Easy”. Unlike its usual rendition as a sea shanty, Pentangle treat this to a slow bluesy rhythm. 2015 DL. Replacement: }The Pentangle – Willy O’ Winsbury, 4:47. Lyrics: }Willy O’ Winsbury. }Tango to Evora (instrumental) – Mauroudis Margaris, 5:07. This song was written by, of course, Loreena McKennit. }Teena Marie – Lover-Girl. 4:51. }Thanksgiving Prayer William S Burroughs2,15.flv }The Creatures – You! (Live Big World TV), 4:35. }The Evening Prayer – Kathleen Battle, Frederica von Stade, 4:18. }The Great Prayer, 5:29. }alt. version of The Great Prayer by Thomas de Salzmann. 5:19. The audio quality and images are both better in this version. }The Gurdjieff Ensemble 2012, Live in Eindhoven, 5:58. }The Gurdjieff Movements presented by Jeanne de Salzmann (1981). 1:02:58. A visual record of the sacred movements and dances by Gurdjieff’s devoted pupil Jeanne de Salzmann. The Gurdjieff movements is a series of sacred dances authored by G. I. Gurdjieff and taught to his students as part of the work of self observation and self study. The student, even from the beginning, through the high degree of sustained attention required to perfect himself in the movements, is using one of the specific means of self-knowledge, and of attaining the cognition and comprehension of reality. The music for the movements was written by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann. }The Half-Remarkable Question (1968), 5:05. Please note that, as with the other music videos here, the exact file matters. At least two other copies of this video, have the audio and video out of sync. This is the best one; and so with the other URLs here. If you find a technically superior copy of a song, video, performance, etc., write to me at the address below. JKU wants the best performances of each of it’s music videos. And, since you asked, here are the lyrics: } -Robin Williamson. From the video post: “Utterly Sacred is all one can say regarding this album its in my opinion their greatest offering! I strongly recommend a serious listen drunk high whatever floats your boat but hear it hear it. Arguably this album is the definition of Acid Folk it swiftly screams between melodic beauty and shivering psychedelia! This is one of my 10, the ultimate desert island question this album has to be grabbed early. ” Verily Verily!”” } The Modern Jazz Quartet + The Swingle Singers-Air for G string, A Jazz interpretation of J.S. Bach’s Air for G string, 5:47.   }The Ninth Wave, 26:26. DL 2015. Replacement: }The Ninthwave, 26:24. }the prediction of William S Burroughs (1989), 1:08. }The Runaways – California Paradise, 2:50. }The Runaways – Wasted (1977 UK TV Appearance), 3:29. }The Song Of Solomon (original)4,29.flv }The Unquiet Grave, Gryphon, 5:45. }The Zombies – Tell Her No, 2:00. }Them Heavy People, 4:32. }alt. version of them heavy people, 4:25. }These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (live)(bootleg), 3:14. }Tokyo Police Club Citizens of Tomorrow, 2:50. }Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Theme, 7:10. }Twisted Days And Wasted Nights, The Runaways, 3:29. }Whirling Dervishes, 3:18. }William Burroughs_ Advice for Young People, 2:18. }William S. Burroughs – A Thanksgiving Prayer, 2:24. }Wooden Horse, 5:23. }Yellowjackets –Live in concert, 7:57. Yellowjackets-Red Sea (live concert), 6:36. }Zappa (last) Interview Today Show 1993-10:19.

F. Art Videos.Note: several of these videos are no longer available online. For a few, they are still there, but special research is necessary to find them… this requires a long time for each video.  So, substitute URLs are provided by Dr. Jone Dae for some of the videos’ URLs. }non-embedded versions of the video by James Kalm, showing European Conceptualists and proto Minimalists, and then Small Scale American Abstraction 1945 to 1965 at Robert Miller is a museum quality survey of paintings by artists who are the foundations of the New York School, including Ad Reinhardt. }So this experiment is the Chladni plate experiment. I used a tone generator, a wave driver (speaker) and a metal plate attached to the speaker. First add sand to the plate then begin playing a tone. Certain frequencies vibrate the metal plate in such a way that it creates areas where there is no vibration. The sand “falls” into those areas, creating beautiful geometric patterns. As the frequency increases in pitch the patterns become more complex. Amazing Resonance Experiment, 3:38. }curator talks about Reinhardt. 3:23. Mystical sensibility. Recommended.! }Reinhardt’s painting technique. 4:59. }Andrea & Inna8,00.flv }Andrea 2, 22:20. }Andy Kaufman – My Breakfast With Blassie. Watch My Dinner With Andre first. Andy Kaufman hops a Hollywood bus and meets professional wrestler “Classy” Freddie Blassie for Breakfast. In characteristic Andy Kaufman style, he and professional wrestler “Classy” Freddie Blassie run a parody of My Dinner with Andre in this hilarious film. }Baliade, 9:10. Sinta Wullur. }Bo Lozoff — Meditation Instruction, 4:18. }Bliss Interrupted; Bo Lozoff co-founded the Prison Ashram Project and the Human Kindness Foundation. In this interview Bo talks about activism in the context of injustice and spiritual life. 6:26. }Prisoners and Spiritual Life; Bo Lozoff co-founded the Prison Ashram Project with Ram Dass and the Human Kindness Foundation. In this interview Bo talks about three surprising realities of U.S. society and how the incarcerated are some of the most hungry and ready for genuine spiritual transformation. 5:05. }bucky tv interview about tensegrity structures. 6:37. }bucky shows the vector equilibrium. 8:16. }Chalk Art Drawing of Girl with a Pearl Earring, 3:06. }Clowns vs. Mimes, 1:01. }Culture Jamming mini-documentary. 4:52. }Culture Jamming (trailer). 2:02 (short version). See also ( ) the Freedom Category on the Cold List . }David Bellemere, 5:24. }David Hamilton Photography, 12:06. }David Hamilton, 4:02. }Dream Flight, 3:38, Michael Diamond. }Eunoia from Lisa Park, 2:06. “Eunoia” is a performance that uses my brainwaves — collected via EEG sensor– to manipulate the motions of water. It derives from the Greek word “eu” (well) + “nous” (mind) meaning “beautiful thinking”. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a brainwave detecting sensor. It measures frequencies of my brain activity (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta) relating to my state of consciousness while wearing it. The data collected from EEG is translated in realtime to modulate vibrations of sound with using software programs. EEG sends the information of my brain activity to Processing, which is linked with Max/MSP to receive data and generate sound from Reaktor. }Exoskeleton Performance by Stelarc, 3:46. }F FOR FAKE, 1:28:38. Orson Welles. }F for Fake original trailer by Orson Welles – 1976, 9:47. }Fleet Maull, Finding Humanity, 3:34. }Fleet Maull Service as Path, 8:57. }Genterra, Critical Art Ensemble, 2002-5:56. }Graffiti Lab, 1:04. }0:53. Graffiti Research Lab ≫ GRL goes West. }Graffiti Research Lab » 2006 Summer Workshop Tour, 3:52. }György Ligeti Lux Aeterna, 9:48. }Harold Budd & Brian Eno-Their Memories, 2:51. }High tech lighting and AC system protects Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel , 2:33. }James Hillman in Mythic Journeys, part 1 of 3. 9:38. }part two of James Hillman mythic journeys. 9:15. }part three of james Hillman mythic journeys. 9:27. }james Hillman, knowledge of the soul, Festival della filosofia, Modena, 14/09/2007, 10:01. }Hillman on archetypal psychology and the soulless society. 7:40. }excerpt from senex & puer, 2:57. }excerpt from senex & puer, 3:04. Recovery in the Senex. }Hillman reads from Rumi. James Hillman gave a two-day seminar April 16-18, 2010 in California on the topic of the Senex & Puer archetypes. The full DVD of this landmark talk is available at 1:19. }Jock Sturges – Nacktheit und Akzeptanz, 0:36. }jock sturges 1 of 2, 7:49. }jock sturges 2 of 2, 7:52. }Judy Arndt. We visited this beautiful little lake in the Canadian Rockies on June 13th. The ice had just gone out and the water level, which recedes over winter, was still low. A late spring had delayed the snowmelt. The Valley of the Ten Peaks is the gleaming backdrop. Elevations of these peaks, which lie along the continental divide, exceed 3,000 meters. She also has a version of this panorama for mobile (wireless) devices. }Kraftwerk – (Minimum Maximum) The model; live Numbers: San Fransisco (The warfield) 28th of April 2004, 4:32. }Kundalini & Illumination, 10:16. }La Fraicheur Est Un Art (The Freshness Is An Art), 2:47. }the video’s URL. }Natural Life, 4:12. }the video’s URL. }The Last Day Of Summer, 5:23. Jock Sturges has exhibited in major galleries and museums in the world -is represented by 25 galleries in nine countries-their work is exhibited in the collections of MoMA and Metropolitan Museum, both in New York; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, and Frankfurter Kunstmuseum. He has published numerous books, most notably The Last Day of Summer, 1992, Aperture; New Work 1996-2000, Scalo, or Radiant Identities, 1994, Aperture. }Line of beauty and grace(trailer). 2:54. Has Beauty been banned from Art?  Jock Sturges graduated “cum laude” in the BFA of New York, pursuing further studies photography at the Marlboro College, Vermont, in 1974. PhD in Photography by the San Francisco Art Institute, California, in 1985. He works regularly in Washington, California, Ireland , the Netherlands, and on the Atlantic coast of France. Regular lecturer on aesthetics and a specialist in the law of the First Amendment American. Commercial fashion photographer and advisor to various photography magazines. }line of beauty and grace, 57:00. }Luba pool3,38.flv }video of Rosenberg speaking about his peacemaking work in Africa, 9:54. }A“breathing” giantball-the so-called“expandingSphere“by Chuck Hoberman-hoveringinphænoWolfsCastleonthe new special exhibition“Math Made Anew-The magic ofshapes and patterns“,Thespecial, foldable Ball design changes its diameter continuously of about 50cm (19 ⅔ inches)to up to 4.5meters (14 ¾ feet)(made possible by the GermanTelekomAG). Overall,in the special exhibition about mathematics from 04.05.2013 to 01.05.2014to see more. 30 phenomena-the first special exhibitionsment of phæno with an emphasis on geometric Forms and bodies in a variety of facets. 3:02. This is also on you tube: }phaenostories: Mathe x anders – Die Magie der Formen und Muster, 3:03. }DL 2015. Replacement: }Met Art Andrea The First, 5:13. }this URL should go directly to the video. Ravel Patel (using pseudonym Molotov) making her masterpiece graff wall. 3:46. }Naked Oja Kodar in F for Fake Video Clip #1, 1:19. In Italiano. }Naked Oja Kodar in F for Fake Video Clip #2, 2:00. In Italian. }Negativland Born to Loose, 2:08. }Negativland – Crosley Bendix Reviews JamArt and Culture Jamming, 3:33. }Negativland, Yellow, Black and Rectangular. 2:18. }Negativland, 11,12,13 – 3:12. }Negativland, Guns Then, 8:00. }Nena Ristic for Fapim – Lucia Cattoretti photographer. This is a forbidden video now, it was removed from Fashion TV and Metacafe for copyright violations. }O Tu Illustrata from lus vixens, David Lynch, Jocelyn Montgomery playing The Music Of Hildegard Von Bingen, 8:23. }Orson Welles F For Fake Trailer. In English, overdubbed in German. 4:10. }Orson Welles in F for Fake, Chartres, 2:32. }Robert Anton Wilson reads Finnegans Wake Shem the Penman (2014), 10:47. }Sacred Visionary Art, 3:13. }Shakes the Clown – Trailer Crackle, 1:51. }Silent world, Place de l opera, 4:42. This version can’t be found online any more, but the same video in a different edit can be found here. }Sound Waves Greatest Hits, 3:05. }Spherical folding geometry demo, 1:37. }Spiral Dance, 9:06. Ghulam Mohamad Saznawaz, Kashmiri Sufiyana. }St. Moritz Art Masters 2012 – Jock Sturges, 3:30. }Quiet Friend by Steve Roach, from the Starflight 1 compilation. 7:27. }Step by Step Tensegrities, 2:47. }The Ask Dr Science Official National Science Test Part 1, 9:21. }The Crevasse – Making of 3D Street Art, 2:15. }The Lady or the Tiger -28:48. }The Third Man (Carol Reed, 1949) – Trailer, 2:23. }Tomoto Copos 316 Seso Sos Madrid ,1:00. }Tomoto Copos 317 Oda Oro Madrid ,1:00. }Tomoto Copos 318 Dora Balboa Madrid, 1:00. }Tomoto Copos 320 Ribo Joyas, Madrid, 1:00. }Truth and Trust Maturana and Von Foerster. The first of a series of three 30 minute videos produced by the American Society for Cybernetics and Change Management Systems, directed by Pille Bunnell, 1998. This one is about Science and Reality. Humberto Maturana, of course, was ( ) the friend, co-author, and co-researcher of Francisco Varela. }The Second Waltz, Dimitri Shostakovitch. audio, 3:38. }World Bodypainting Festival, 2014 Trailer 2, 1:04. Since 1998 the most colourful event in the world has taken place in Carinthia, the wonderful south of Austria. The festival has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement. Artists from more than 40 different nations will do their best to stun and entertain visitors at the 17th edition of the World Bodypainting Festival, the world championships for Bodypainters. High quality Art creates a special experience for all visitors of the Open Air art park “Bodypaint City”. The venue is situated on a peninsula in the middle of Pörtschach and framed picturesquely by the turquoise lake Wörthersee. Additionally this charming place offers a varied range of bars, cafés and restaurants, ideal possibilities for the WB Academy program and the side events. }Girls – Summertime – POM (Petite Oeuvre Multimédia) Une série photographique de Lynn S.K. – musique par Vincent Villalon, 2:07.

G. Poetry Videos. under construction }Bukowski on people, 3:29. Charles discusses his feelings for others. }The Tragedy Of The Leaves; A reading of one of my favorite Charles Bukowski poems. 2:05. }Born Into This, 2:03. }Charles Bukowski Bluebird, 1:15.

II. Video Codecs and Related. }has video codecs for windows, mac, and linux. Also has other apps useful for videos. The site is clean, but the layout is a little crowded. Also has audio apps. This page }has the video codecs, grouped by fourcc codes. Also has audio codecs; a useful A/V site. }good collection of video apps, codec links, similar useful stuff. Recommended. }this is the page that has the most recent updates for some of the players, editors, and codecs that I use, and which are featured here. I use mostly, the full k-lite codec pack, with all the apps, codecs, and other tools, and the VLC player. I also had the VLMC, and tried it, but then uninstalled it. It was “crashy” (unstable) and I’m not making any movies or videos at this time. The VLC player is somewhat unstable, and crashes or fails sometimes. That is for all version and builds of the VLC. See: }VLC Media Player (a.k.a. VideoLAN)VLC is an excellent movie player. It has its own plugins for playing different movie formats, so it doesn’t need any codecs to be installed. It plays almost everything and also works great for previewing partially downloaded files. Version 2.2.1 x86 | 27.5 MB | April 14th 2015 . }Update packs for the K-Lite Codec Pack. KLCP gets updated frequently. However, there may be worthwhile updates to some of the included components in between the regular releases of KLCP. The update pack below can be used to keep your current installation up-to-date. version 11.2.0 ~ 19.0 MB ~ May 31st 2015 . }their fourcc identifier page. A fourcc identifier allows you to determine which fourccs and audio tags are used within a media file. Knowing this allows you to identify precisely which video codecs and audio codecs that you will need in order to be able to playback the media file. FOURCC is short for “four character code” – an identifier for a video codec, compression format, color or pixel format used in media files. }site with most of the codecs you’ll need for your computer. I mean especially windows, since it is the world’s most popular OS, but on this List we’ll have codec sites for Mac, Linux, etc. Page linked to is their sitemap and TOC. }the download page for the k-lite codec packs. I have found that these are useful; download the version you wish, from basic to full. }Libav provides cross-platform tools and libraries to convert, manipulate and stream a wide range of multimedia formats and protocols. Freeware.,1.html }new k-lite mega codec pack is available only from this link. 27aug13. Also in the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool [version 5.4.9]. This tool is essential for the management of codecs and settings. It has many useful features such as: Detect and fix several common problems, Reset settings, Backup and restore settings, Configure preferred splitters, Enable/disable any of the installed codecs and filters, Manage thumbnail settings, Generate detailed log with system information and list of installed codecs. And, Win7DSFilterTweaker [version 5.6], Allows setting third party decoders as the preferred filters in Windows 7 and 8. }”Our combination of high quality encoding, performance optimized for the latest processors and operating systems, as well as support for all of the major international codec standards in use today makes MainConcept the best choice for codec technology”, says their homepage. I haven’t tested any of their SDKs or codecs yet, let us know what your results are. Also: apps and plug-ins. }JPEG2000 is the new international standard for image compression method and file format. This is the successor of the well-known traditional JPEG written by the ISO group Joint Photographic Experts Group. Contrary to the technology JPEG which used DCT functions, JPEG2000 technology is based on an mathematical algorithm called wavelets to compress image that provides high compression with image quality superior to all existing standard encoding techniques even at low bit rates. That’s the reason why JPEG2000 has a number of advantages over the JPEG Format. Morgan products all have a free trial period, 30 or 60 days typically, but they have no freeware. }Codec is short for compressor/decompressor, it is any technology for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs can be implemented in software, hardware, or a combination of both. Codecs are used to make large video files much smaller making them suitable for distribution on the net, either on the web or a LAN or any other method of file transfer like wireless devices etc.
Some times when you are trying to play an .avi file the “Unexpected File Format” or a similar error message displays. This happen if you are attempting to play a file for which the proper codec is not on your system. To correct the problem obtain the correct codec. }this is the only downloader for firefox that will download certain types of videos, which the others do not. For example, some types of embedded videos on a webpage. Highly Recommended for that. }Codec Central. This site is clean, well laid-out, and easy to use. Also gives info on use and limitations of each codec pack. Recommended. }fdshow is an advanced DirectShow filter and VFW codec that supports many audio and video formats. For example: H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, H.263, VP3, VP6, Theora, MJPEG, SVQ3, MP3, AC3, DTS, E-AC3, AAC, and Vorbis. Download from this page. App’s site: }The ffdshow tryouts project is a fork of the original ffdshow project. }This site will help you to make your own DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, MP4 etc that can be played on your standalone DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, Media Center or portable device from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, DV, AVCHD or downloaded movie clips like AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Flash, etc. }8 codec packages from the Videohelp website. Their products are usually good ones. }31 codec and video identifiers, most freeware. Recommended. }67 codec tools. Note again that the descriptions for each tools or website when you click on the link, appear on the same page in the same website, so that you don’t open a new tab or window, or go to another site, until you want to. The other sites should be as user-friendly as this one! Site is Highly Recommended. }Videolan’s codec page. As they point out here, codec stands for coder/decoder. Their thorough page, with many links. They also have “muxers”, which is short for “multiplexers”. I think that they wanted the word to resemble “mixer”.

III. Other Video & Audio Tools. }directory of directories with links to sites with video. }This site opens with showing you a visual menu of selections; however, clicking on it didn’t show us the video! First IE blocked the download, then after that I were frustrated by various other screens, and eventually, porn videos, presented by Blinkx. Very disappointing performance from a video service that was formerly one of our favorites. Evidently Blinkx was very changed when youtube bought it. Eventually, I found the video we’d selected again, but then, it showed us only a preview of, and then continued on to a video that I hadn’t selected, w/o asking us. Very poor performance. (When I finally got to the source website, it wouldn’t play the video at all, not even a preview.)That is, both the Blinkx and ABS News website’s videos are broken now, and don’t work anymore. }”5 ways to create a great video podcast.” Creating a video podcast is an ideal, personal way to reach your company’s clients (or potential clients). To learn how to create effective and entertaining podcasts, we spoke with Steve Mack, author of The Podcasting Bible and the owner of LUX Media. Video podcasting has a lot going for it that streaming video lacks, Mack notes. Your viewers can automatically download fresh content and watch it whenever they want. Best of all, they can take it with them on an iPod or another portable player. }”Welcome to Doom9‘s Forum, THE in-place to be for everyone interested in DVD conversion.” Thread shown is for ffdshow tryouts project. To see their interesting glossary, full of “ripping” terms, look }here. This is a hand site, but if you just want the forums, it’s }here. “If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. “ Also, he has many video-tech Guides on the site, use index at left column. Highly Recommended if you’re still learning about video, like I am. }”Tools for modern communications and public relations work of NGOs. You want to present your organization on your home, on video-sharing websites, at events, etc. to DVD professionally? You want to present their projects to the general public and attract attention, donors and sponsors? A promotional video or a film is to project the ideal communication tool. Moving images are clear, understandable, and emotionally compelling, especially. Film and photo productions for organizations, charities, etc.” } a tool to get information about a link before visiting it. Use it to: Preview tinyurl,,,, or any other short URLs. Very useful for Twitter users. Works with ALL URL shortening services! See the original URL of a short URL before visiting it. Find out where a URL redirects, detect affiliate links. Get a webpage’s title and description to decide whether it is appropriate/safe/secure to visit. Get more info about a YouTube video to decide if you should watch it. Determine if a website contains malicious software or is a phishing site. Powered by data from Google Safe Browsing. View a small preview image of a webpage or YouTube video before visiting/watching it. }In June of 2014 Givit closed it’s doors which meant shuttering the systems and infrastructure responsible for servicing the public and private sharing networks that we maintained.  We battled to the very end but were not able to secure a future for the whole product. During our last few days of operation we created Version 5.0 of the Givit Video Editor for iOS which is a stand alone video editor that does not rely on a connection to Givit’s network for sign in or any other functionality. Using this version you will still be able to edit videos on your camera roll (or your GoPro) and save your masterpiece back to your camera roll. Version 5.0 is our gift to everyone out there who has been creating or wants to easily create great videos on their iOS device without limitations on length and features. Download from here: } Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. }A gfy is a short, looped. Soundless video “moment” that includes GIF as one of the available formats. The name sands for “GIF Format Yoker” (I pronounce it “giffy”). And the purpose is to bridge the gap between fig and HTML5 video by providing both – allowing users much faster delivery [sic] and more playback options. Even if delivered by video, the gif is always there. We pick the best format your browser can view, but as a user you can choose to view gif only, or hotlink directly to the gif. Global CDN for fast delivery anywhere in the world, backed by Amazon’s rock solid CloudFront. Not just a simple server: Scalable server system designed to handle content that might go viral. Multiple layers of load balancing and caching with no single point of failure. Hotlinking fully approved. Embed your .gif directly anywhere. And even if our servers were all offline, Amazon’s Cloudfront would still deliver your file. RES integration! If you use Reddit Enhancement Suite, you can play a gfy without even leaving reddit. Just click the Play button by the link (already pushed out to Firefox, Chrome update still pending roll out). }The key for YouTube to display your video the best possible way, is to upload the best possible quality video that meets or exceeds their requirements. That is by encoding videos the right way.  I’ll show you a few ways on how to encode, compress or optimize your videos before uploading them to YouTube. But first, let me tell you why your YouTube videos look awful. }Simple Techniques to Help You Create Awesome Videos for the Web. Find out how to make great digital videos for uploading to your favorite online video websites.  Easily add subtitles, “green screen” backgrounds and other effects.  Find simple instructions for uploading and promoting your creations. }we mention Ixquick’s video search here since it is surprisingly poor, compared to others, for an otherwise very good metasearch engine. They rely mostly on Blinkx, in our test, and Blinkx is very FUBAR since it was acquired by another company some years back. Avoid Blinkx now. 2013 Update: Ixquick now shows some videos that are not Blinkx, but we still don’t recommend it. Other engines do much better for video results, such as Webfetch. 2015 Update: Ixquick and Startpage are Highly Recommended by Jae and Jone; but the are poor video search engines. Info is a better video search engine; and sometimes Dogpile is useful for finding videos. However, you still don’t have to just use google; you can use Darkoogle (saves energy, easy on the eyes), or DeeperWeb (returns more results that are relevant than google alone does, and, groups them on the right. Also allows add & subtract tag choices for modifying the search. Jae and Jone say that those two are Highly Recommended and recommended over google alone. }kartoo’s list of video downloaders. Some of these I have tested and listed here or, for example, in Web Tools. Some were DLs. Some are links to other lists of downloaders and converters. Note that many of these won’t install properly or won’t install on public computers, of which millions are in daily use across the U.S. Also I didn’t have time to check Kartoo’s linklist for DLs; and finally, I don’t use any of the “downloaders”, etc., on their linklist, and haven’t had the time to test more than a few. For instance, I tested the ImTOO app(s), but eventually chose other ones for my own use.,1.html }new k-lite mega codec pack is available only from this link. 27aug13. Important note: Not all the components that are listed below will actually get installed. The installation is fully customizable, meaning you can choose exactly which components get installed. Some components are deselected by default and are only installed if you explicitly select them. There are also some cases where you must choose between two (or more) components that serve a similar purpose. }MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files. (version 0.7.69, Graphical User Interface with installer, for Windows, 32/64 bit, 5 MB). Recommended. }lots of A/V software can be found here, and other apps. Fairly long list of video apps, with apps found on other sites’ lists. Their software “picks” }also has the same apps that are popular on other sites’ lists, e.g., Skype, DivX, etc. }beginner’s guide to flash. Note that if you’re using a script-blocker in your browser, you won’t see the Guide. Allow scripts to see it. The webpage is somewhat difficult to use, and we won’t recommend those. However, the tutorial is simple and easy to read. There’s a link to an Adobe page which is supposed to be shareware version of Flash, but now (29 May 2013) you have to sign-in, etc. there. }The idea of shooting “home video” is certainly evolving – with video equipment getting cheaper, and new (free) video hosting networks coming out of the digital woodwork every day. I shoot most, if not all, of my videos from home – although I wouldn’t consider them home videos (in the traditional sense of the word).The good news is that sites like YouTube are forcing people to keep their video recordings short – a lesson which should be learned by anybody armed with a camcorder. }41 slides in this image sampling and reconstruction tutorial. For image and video sampling, and digital sampling generally. Drawback: pictures only, no text. }Qrobe PowerSearch lets you get straight from your search bar to your search destination. Find a movie on Netflix (avatar /nf), a video onYouTube (inception trailer /yt), your favorite show on Hulu (office /hu) or find a picture on Qrobe image search (flowers /i), right from the search bar. With 20+ power hints get to most of your favorite destinations straight from the search bar. Feature rich private search engine. Qrobe combines the best results and functionality from the top search engines so you always get the best results. Search engine appeared in April 2010, from SoftLayer Technologies. }This subreddit is for suppost and suggestions for the tools See also and }gfycats on reddit. }various camcorders reviewed here. Large images, graphics, fonts. }StashSpace.Com specializes in family home movies to dvd transfer and offers the easiest way to convert video to DVD.  Transfer video to DVD directly with our video conversion service. Our video conversion service makes it easy to transfer your VHS, Hi8, and other video formats to long-lasting DVDs. }”the premier online destination for professionals seeking industry news, information, articles, directories and services. The site features thousands of original articles, hundreds of hours of audio/video content, breaking news, research reports, industry directory, and case studies that showcase the latest real-world streaming media implementations.”      }”Viddy allows users to captures 15 second video clips. The next steps remain the same as Instagram as you take the captured media, add a filter, and share with friends. Some might find the 15 second mark “insanely short,” but it forces you to cut out any unnecessary footage and get right to the point. “ “Viddy is a video sharing application with editing tools including visual effects, filters, music, and transitions. Viddy’s realtime video community opens the door for new video discoveries.  The Viddy app allows you to capture, share, and watch videos up to 15 seconds long.  Although this may turn some away from Viddy towards longer format video applications, such as YouTube or Vimeo, the 15 second limit creates a steady stream of entertaining video snippets. If you are familiar with photo sharing apps like Instagram, then navigating Viddy will be a sinch.  Sign up on your iPhone (Android and iPad coming soon) to connect with friends using Facebook, Twitter, or tap the button on the top right of the home screen to follow suggested users.” }This site will help you to make your own DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, MP4 etc that can be played on your standalone DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, Media Center or portable device from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, DV, AVCHD or downloaded movie clips like AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Flash, etc. Clean, easy-to-use site, no redirects, Highly Recommended if you’re looking for this. Converters, tools, region code info, everything. Site kept up to date. 18jun17. }the videohelp links page. Thorough, and clean; but also to the point, no weird links to unrelated sites. Click on a category, and the tool list appears on the same page, a nice feature. Also has 162 MacIntosh video tools. JKU are mainly meant for windows users, but I’m including Mac links when I find good ones, here and on the VideoList. Close to 400 tools on this Highly Recommended list. }their Glossary. }the videolan knowledge base. Their app has limited GUI options and most of the advanced or hidden features are available only through command-line stmts. They intend their app to be used through the command line, even though it comes with GUIs and so on. “The VideoLAN Knowledge Base’s goal is to document codecs, file formats, protocols, etc. Although mainly consisting of technical information, it is intended to be easily understandable by all users. The Knowledge Base serves as a glossary on video/audio streaming/playing, helping users understand the rest of this wiki. When contributing to the user documentation please link to these definitions as much as possible.” }videolan’s wiki page. }See their VLC media player. It has the features and the performance of a freeware player. Recommended. Open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. The actual download page: }is here. Downloads immediately. Note: 2013 Update: my preferred media player is now the Media Player Classic Home Cinema, as supplied with the K-Lite Codec Pack. I use the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. I found that the VLC media player, had too many problems, crashed, and was too difficult to understand. Yes, they have manuals, Wiki-type tutorials, and so on; but my point is that, we shouldn’t have to study and read so much, take classes in school, just to use a media player, a freeware one that’s supposed to be accessible to anyone. We read nothing for the MPCHC, not even the “readme”, and it works straightforwardly and doesn’t crash. The control panels for VLC should have tooltips and explanations programmed into them. }description of the vlc. }their “how to” page. }their easy streaming page. Again, I have noticed that this app and these instructions are not intended for beginners at all, but for people with technical knowledge, and the interest in using video apps in a technical way. I ourselves felt challenged by the highly technical nature of all these web and wiki pages, and of the app itself. }links. Some of these links are dead. Others are not redundant to this or other lists. }what you’d expect. They are limited to a few specific types and companies. But here }they have a good selection of guides and manuals for using various video apps. } Version 5.0 of the Givit Video Editor for iOS is a stand alone video editor that does not rely on a connection to Givit’s network for sign in or any other functionality. You will still be able to edit videos on your camera roll (or your GoPro) and save your masterpiece back to your camera roll. Version 5.0 is our gift to everyone out there who has been creating or wants to easily create great videos on their iOS device without limitations on length and features. …More. What’s New in Version 5.0 – Version 5.0 of Givit is a standalone video editor.  – Social feeds and uploading to social networks including Givit has been removed. – All filters are now completely free. Note that this app is for IPads and IPhones. }it isn’t clear to us what their video site is really for. Perhaps that’s since I don’t care what’s “trending now”, but yahoo does. But here: }they host or link to 37 featured networks. For our test, I selected the space channel, and it showed us and advertisement for a furniture store. Eventually, there was a 10:34 video about space exploration. No menu of space channel videos was offered, nor a choice given, nor was I connected to that site. }This has become, of course, the giant in online videos, much worse since google bought them. However, the other video providers are still out there and their videos appear on our Lists.

IV. Film Websites. }a huge a/v portal. “COW” stands for “communities of the world; the site is called CreativeCOW. A peer-to-peer support community for media production professionals. Forums, tutorials, videos, podcasts, everything. }stock footage: creative, editorial, archival, other, and show-reels. 600,000 premium stock shots. Free to view or download but all have logo or catalog number on the video images. Pay-site, but still recommended. }another site recommended by someone. All of the sites in this list have been recommended by someone. This one says, “Hello there everyone! Thanks so much for coming to check out our blog and podcast known as FRENCH TOAST SUNDAY. French Toast Sunday is made up of a few select film enthusiasts from Baltimore, MD. More than just movie lovers, we are also friends. Take a minute to check out are short bios and see who shares your movie tastes!”. Podcasts, reviews, index, rating system, links we love, and featured columns. Here is }their index, probably the best place to start to find out what’s on the site. Clean site and easy to use, Recommended. Only drawback, Mozilla Firefox can’t handle it (they really need to fix their new browsers). }a somewhat unusual website, which is focused on horror films, old or rare films, and she emphasized Sixties films. I recommend it, especially for her link list of Film Blog Sites, in the right-hand column of the page. She reviews or discusses films, that you probably won’t find mentioned on other sites, with vidcaps and photos from them. Readable and easy to use, good site. Video clips on page also. }article about IndieFlix. “Before IndieFlix, no one was seeing these films and they weren’t making a dime,” says Scilla. “Now I’m meeting with filmmakers all over the world and our model is helping to feed Independent filmmakers around the world.” In the Middle East in particular, she would meet women filmmakers who risked their lives to make a film. “For them, it wasn’t about the money, they just wanted to get their stories out there, to get them seen.” Without a platform for distribution, these works did not even have an audience to tap into. That all changed with IndieFlix. }Movie database. This is the oldest and biggest one on the web; they say “Welcome to Advanced Search, which gives you instant access to our complete catalog of 2,571,742 titles and 5,316,871 names.”, since this link is for that page. }this is the new and much-praised IndieFlix website. I found the page very user-unfriendly. It would not permit me to look where I wanted to, and very aggressively downloaded film thumbnails and data, etc., giving the user no way and no chance to stop the downloading so as to be able to read the page. Very difficult to find info about them, about indieflix. So, others praise the service highly, but I’m giving the site a Not Recommended, following the editorial policies of JKU (Jae Kamel’s URLs). }IndieFlix is also not free, it’s a pay site, so fails another JKU test for inclusion. }an eclectic film site. Readable, with interesting articles. Clearly they really do love films, and this site is full of film data, photos (stills and vidcaps), all that. Lists (Jone and Jae would like that part ;-) ), reviews, news, podcasts, games, festivals and awards, and more. Recommended if you are a film buff, or if you love films. Their News includes Indie films and Trailers. The Top 10 pages, aren’t just, say, one list of top 10 films, they are pages and pages of various film buffs’ Top Tens of films in various categories and so on. Site content is written by about 10 different people, find them here: }them. }Movie database. 17oct13 Update: this is now just amazon. } RiffTrax are downloadable audio commentaries featuring comedians Michael J. NelsonKevin Murphy and Bill Corbett heckling (or riffing) films in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, often abbreviated MST3K, a TV show in which Nelson was the head writer, and later the host. The RiffTrax are sold online and delivered by download. The site was launched by Nelson and Legend Films, now renamed Legend3D, in 2006 and is based in San Diego. }the niconico video website. Nico Nico Douga was the first website introduce a way to embed tags and comments directly into the videos, allowing comments on 2channel and the YouTube clip to be displayed simultaneously. The feature enabled video posts on Nico Nico Douga with a sense of a shared watching experience. niconico, formally known as Nico Nico Douga (Japanese: ニコニコ動画, which means “Smile Videos”), is a Japanese media hub site well-known for its large video remixing community and the real-time display of user comments during the playback. The site was founded by Niwango, a child company of the Japanese media company Dwango (DWANGO Co., Ltd.). And Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of the Japanese textboard community 2channel, had joined Nico Nico Douga as a board member till February, 2013. In May 2007, the Nico Nico Douga for mobile phone users was announced. Since August 9, 2007, “Nico Nico Douga (RC) Mobile” has serviced mobile phones of NTT DoCoMo and au. Its nickname is “Niconico” or “Nico-dō”, where “nikoniko” is the Japanese ideophone for smiling. On May 1st, 2012, Dwango changed the brand name for the whole of its services to “niconico”. NicoNico Douga restarted as its video-sharing service section and its spelling was changed into “niconico Douga”. }as some of you may know, I am relatively new to the world of film and video websites. I say ‘world’, since it just that. There are hundreds of sites all about films, maybe thousands. And I will only be able to review and recommend (or not) just a handful of them to you. However, this one seems to be another good one. (This site can’t really be used on Firefox, until they fix the problems with their newest browsers (3jun13). Video Vanguard has movie reviews, alphabetized, and retro reviews, girls on film, podcasts, and “bonus features”, which are all the articles that have been written on his blog. A good site, but hard to read and use, since I’m using Firefox and don’t want to switch to another browser at this time. Probably a great site though; let me know what you think.


1. Q: How can I contact you with requests for your List, or information?

A: Currently, you can reach me at .

2. Q: Is this List for video only?

A: No, it is the A/V List, audio and video tools and sites are here.

3. Q: Are the image URLs here? The image tools?

A: No. Most of the image tools and URLs are on my Photo List; and some of them are on the Online Tools 2013 List.

4. Q: Where are the icon apps?

A: Most of the icon apps are on the Tools List.

5. Q: Which Lists do you make for JKU? Why those?

A: I make only the Lists for Images, and A/V. Those are the Photo List, and this Video List,

respectively. I do those Lists for Jae and Jone, since they are my specialty areas, and since

they don’t have the time to check out all the A/V sites and apps, all the image sites and apps.

6. Q: Your Lists look like Jae Kamel’s URLs. I wondered why you’re following their style, of

annotation, structure of the list, and so on?

A: Yes. That’s what we agreed; I’m a contributor to their e-zine, and want my pages to fit together well with theirs. Jae is a master of the collage, print and electronic, and thinks like that: do the pages of JKU all fit together, as if in a collage? The image is the contents, structure, and style of the list, but also the shapes of the pages of a List, are part of what the collage is, is made that way, with something one can see is similar, in some way(s), to the image. The collage design includes the shapes of (a) the lists themselves and (b) the paper a list  printed list is on, when printed out on 8 ½ x 11 paper.

7. Q: Why are the psychology and spirituality videos in the “Art Videos” Category?

A: It’s where they fit best. Artists are more likely to want to watch them then the audiences which would be reading other Lists and Categories. Also, some of those videos are on other Lists, as well.

8. Q: Why do you have videos of models, some nude, in the Art Videos?

A: Those are Artist’s Models. When you don’t have a live model to work from, you can capture frames or make a screenshot of images from the videos, and then work from those. If the images are Hi-Res, they will still be usable when shown on a large screen. For the low-res ones, use a  color printer and then work   from the print.

9. Q: Why is there a video about Cognitive Sciences on the Art Video list?

A: You’re thinking of the “Truth and Trust” video, yes? That video is “about” philosophy too; and some subtler ideas. Highly Recommended.

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