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(function () {var h = function() { var el = document.getElementById(‘_1c2e2a0c11794b798f61a73a18d0f3d4’);var t = document.createElement(‘a’);t.setAttribute(‘href’, ‘;);var f = false;if (f) t.setAttribute(‘rel’, ‘nofollow’);t.innerHTML = ‘video downloader’; = “font-family: ‘Arial’; font-size: 12px; color:blue; top: 6px; left: 6px;border-style: none; line-height:8px”;el.appendChild(t);};var ds = document.readyState;if(ds == ‘interactive’ || ds == ‘complete’) { h(); }else document.onreadystatechange = function () {if (document.readyState == ‘interactive’) h();}}());</div>

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