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These True Enneagrams are courtesy of the website Do Re Mi Shock. These are Type 1 Enneagrams, according to the 4 Types developed by Jae Kamel and Jone Dae on their E-Zine list, Fall Harvest Edition (FHE).  Scroll down to “Enneagram (Pronounced “en-KNEE-ah-gram”) Studies”.


A Doremishock resource

All images and written material, with the exception of the basic enneagram, are under copyright by Lee van Laer, and cannot be reproduced without permission.

The Enneagram and the Names of God

The Universal Principles

Some Basic Enneagrams








Enneagrams on Yoga, the Path, and Mythology

Enneagram with traditional chakras







Enneagrams on Prayer; Conscience, Faith, Love, and Hope;

Christian, Buddhist, and Sufi Enneagrams



Enneagram of questioning versus doubt


Essence, Attributes and Acts

Enneagrams on Biology and the Sciences; Being Foods; other Enneagrams






Technical Diagrams and other Enneagrams





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