JBOD –  an acronym for “just a bunch of disks”.  A collection of optical or magnetic disks used for storing data.

JCII – with the cooperation of japanese camera manufacturers, the Japan Camera And Optical Instruments Inspection And Testing Institute (JCII) was founded in 1954. It was formed to inspect all cameras exported from japan in order to maintain quality standards.

jack – 1. a socket or receptacle into which a mating plug is inserted in order to make an electrical connection.  2. any female socket or receptacle, usually on the backside of video and audio equipment; accepts plug for circuit connection.

jacket – outside covering used to protect wires in a cable and their shielding.

jam sync – process of synchronizing a secondary time code generator with a selected master time code, e.g., using the time code generated by one camera to insert the identical time code on a second camera.

junction box – 1. a portable set terminal for power cables. 2. Generally, metal or plastic boxes where wire and/or cable terminates, combines, or splits; used to protect the conductors.

jaggies – a slang term used to describe the stair-step effect you see along curves and edges in text or bit-mapped graphics.  Anti-aliasing can smooth out jaggies.

jib – the arm of a mechanical crane.

jitter – video image aberration seen as slight, fast vertical or horizontal shifting of a picture or portion of one.

jog/shuttle –  1. to move through a clip or sequence frame by frame with different speeds forward or backward.  2. manual control on sophisticated VCRs, facilitates viewing and editing precision and convenience. jog ring moves tape short distances to show a frame at a time; shuttle dial transports tape forward or reverse more rapidly for faster scanning.

jogging –  single frame forward or backward movement on videotape.

judder – an instability introduced when images sampled at one frame rate are converted to a different frame rate for viewing. This effect is most noticeable when frames are repeated or deleted in order to obtain slow motion or fast motion. See also motion artifact.

jump cut – 1. A cut involving an interruption to the continuity of time, where the image in a shot closely matches the image of the previous shot.  2.  Transition between two scenes which makes the subject appear to “jump”. A cutaway shot remedies this alignment situation.  3. Unnatural, abrupt switch from and to shots identical in subject but slightly different in screen location. Awkward progression makes subject appear to jump from one screen location to another. Remedied with cutaway. A jarring edit caused by the choice of shots rather than any technical imperfection.

jumpshot cable – Lexar’s inexpensive, high performance, usb-enabled compact flash card memory card that becomes a high-speed card reader when plugged in using the usb cable. The high performance compact flash card has usb integrated into its controller, with optimized software drivers and a special usb cable. USB functionality exists in the compact flash card itself. The jumpshot USB cable and software drivers (included) are the only requirements for a digital camera to possess USB capabilities.

junction box   1. A portable set terminal for power cables.  2. Generally, metal or plastic boxes where wire and/or cable terminates, combines, or splits; used to protect the conductors.

junior model – a youthful-looking, animated model.

juxtapose – in composition, to place two objects close together or side by side for comparison or contrast. often helpful in showing scale in an image.